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The Yiga Mask is a mask that offers no protection or has any enchantments on it and cannot be tempered. It can be found in False God Passage and on Yiga enemies.

Location Edit

A guaranteed Yiga Mask can be found in False God Passage, which is accessed via the Rift Secret Grotto. It is buried in the fireplace just outside of the Cult Headquarters.

Yiga Footsoldiers and Yiga Blademasters also carry Yiga Masks. Yiga Footsoldiers can be found at Bleakwind Basin and the Forgotten Cavern, and a Yiga Blademaster can be found in the Spirit Temple.

Lore Edit

The Yiga Mask is a primary piece of the uniform of the elusive Yiga Clan. The masks have become increasingly more common as relics of Hyrule have emerged and the Yiga have become more active.

The origins of the Yiga Mask in False God Passage are unknown. It may have been looted by a member of the Cult of Ganon and later thrown in the fire, or it may have been hidden by a member of the Yiga Clan infiltrating the cult.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Yiga Mask was added in version 6.5 as a secret item. When secret Yiga enemies were added in later updates, the Yiga Mask became slightly more common.

JKalenad had wanted to implement the Yiga since the release of Breath of the Wild and worked out a context for them in Relics of Hyrule. He plans to expand the Yiga's presence in the mod in each update to the mod, culminating in version 6.7, which will be heavily focused on Breath of the Wild content.

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