The Wind Waker is a unique staff that can launch a gust of wind, a cyclone, or a bolt that changes an enemy's alliance.

The Wind Waker is found in Kamdelimar, protected by the Priest of Kamdelimar.

By default, the Wind Waker uses the spell Wind's Requiem, which is similar in effect to Unrelenting Force. Once the Lesser Command Melody is found and learned, the Wind Waker's active spell can be changed between Wind's Requiem, Ballad of Gales, and Command Melody by casting the Lesser Command Melody.

The Wind Waker is required to be present in the player's inventory in order cast the Lesser Command Melody, Earth God's Lyric, Wind God's Aria, and Song of Passing.

Wind's Requiem Edit

Wind's Requiem is very similar to Unrelenting Force in appearance and function, and is equal in strength. Unlike the shout, Wind's Requiem has no cooldown period. The spell also does not require Magicka or staff charges. The spell does not share the thunder or shout associated with Unrelenting Force, and a three-note tune will be heard instead.

Effects Edit

Effect Notes
Wind's Requiem (##0B4A87) Deals 20 points of health damage
Wind's Requiem (##0CB263) Pushes and staggers foes with a magnitude of 15.
Wind's Requiem (##0DC72E) Provides backup for sound

Ballad of Gales Edit

The Ballad of Gales is very similar to the Cyclone shout featured in the Dragonborn DLC. It is identical in appearance to the Cyclone shout. It is equal in strength to the lowest power of the shout, and fires with a four-note tune. The Ballad of Gales does not require Magicka or staff charges and has no cooldown period.

Effects Edit

Effect Magnitude Area Notes
Ballad of Gales (##0B4A81) 20 0 Backup for sound
Cyclone (##788E6E) 20 15 Unique cyclone effect

True Command Melody Edit

The True Command Melody is a unique spell with some similarities to Frenzy spells. The True Command Melody will change a foe's alliance in battle, making them fight for the player for two minutes. This differs from Frenzy spells, as enemies under the effects of Frenzy will attack anyone they see, whereas enemies under the effects of the True Command Melody will not fight the player or the player's allies.

The True Command Melody is distinct from the Lesser Command Melody in the sense that it is fired directly from the Wind Waker, while the Lesser Command Melody is wielded as a spell. They share the same four-note tune.

Effect Edit

Effect Magnitude Area Duration Notes
Faction - Command Melody 100 0 120 Changes target's faction to that of the player. After death or the passage of two minutes, the target's factions will revert to their original state.

Lore Edit

Like the Ocarina of Time, the Wind Waker was modified by Hylian mages to be used as a tool of war. The Wind's Requiem was made more focused and more potent, as was the Ballad of Gales. The Command Melody was modified to allow the caster to retain control over their own bodies, rather than becoming locked in control over their target. The melody became one of bewitching, convincing foes that their allegiance belonged to the caster. The Command Melody was invaluable during the Last Great War of Hyrule, as generals of the Dark Army could be commanded, thus confusing entire battalions into disarray, or into fighting amongst themselves.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Wind Waker was included in version 6.0 of Relics of Hyrule, complete with all 7 songs (including both versions of the Command Melody) and Kamdelimar.

The model for the Wind Waker was made by fcp078.

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