The night is darkening round me,
The wild winds coldly blow;
But a tyrant spell has bound me,
And I cannot, cannot go.

The giant trees are bending
Their bare boughs weighed with snow;
The storm is fast descending,
And yet I cannot go.

Clouds beyond clouds above me,
Wastes beyond wastes below;
But nothing drear can move me;
I will not, cannot go.

Location Edit

The Warrior's Journal is found in the tilted room in Kinolangdanzel's upper dungeon, on the corpse of a Nord warrior.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The text of Warrior's Journal is from "The Night is Darkening Round Me" by Emily Brontë.

The Warrior's Journal was added to Relics of Hyrule with Kinolangdanzel and serves to tell the Warrior's story, and to establish atmosphere for the dungeon and the lore of the mod in general.

The Warrior's Journal, with its companion books, is one of the first instances of JKalenad's tradition of placing poetry in dungeons.

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