The Shattered Lands serve as a nexus that connects the Link Between Worlds with the Temple of Time and Ruptured Towers.

The Shattered Lands are composed of blue crystals, pieces of earth and ruined buildings floating in a dark blue void, with a sky similar to that of Sovngarde overhead.

The Shattered Lands are only accessible via the Link Between Worlds after the player has successfully completed Kinolangdanzel, Morwitijaal, and Itnamzand.

The Shattered Lands contains a second Noble Sword, the Fierce Deity's Armor, Armos, Stalhrim deposits, and geode veins. At the end of the Shattered Lands is the Temple of Time, on top of which is the Mirror of Twilight, which leads to the Ruptured Towers. The Mirror can be opened once the player crafts the Key of Twilight.

Lore Edit

The Shattered Lands are the preserved remains of Hyrule near the Temple of Time. At the end of the Last Great War of Hyrule, the Phantom Hourglass was used to seal the Temple and land around it within the Sacred Realm, locking them in time. However, because of the destruction of the Triforce, the very land began to crumble and fade away. The deep magic of the Temple of Time and the seal of the Mirror of Twilight prevented monsters from overrunning the remnants of Hyrule.

The Apocryphal architecture present in some parts of the Shattered Lands is left over from visits by servants of Hermaeus Mora.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Shattered Lands were added to Relics of Hyrule with Itnamzand in version 5.0 as a reward for completing all three major dungeons, house the Phantom Hourglass, and prepare for version 6.0.

The Shattered Lands make references to other games and works of fiction. The presence of large mushrooms and a fall past bookshelves into a pool of water reference Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The fall is faithful to the book, with a honey pot in place of a marmalade jar, and banners in place of paintings and pictures.

The area following this fall was originally intended to be a large room filled with oversized objects and normal-sized enemies. The player would have fought Stalfos on enormous tables and made their way to the other end of the room. During development, however, JKalenad found that objects could not be scaled to the right size, and the oversized room undermined the lore of the Shattered Lands, so the idea was scrapped.

The Shattered Lands also reference Pokémon: a cluster of crystals was made to resemble the Pokémon Vanilluxe.

Originally, the story for the Shattered Lands was that "evil forces" destroyed and devoured the land, later being relocated to the Ruptured Towers. The story was changed, however, to align with the canon of A Link Between Worlds, to draw parallels with Lorule, and to let the Ruptured Towers be more independent.

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The Temple of Time within the Shattered Lands


The exit and shortcut to the Temple of Time


The Vanilluxe-shaped cluster in the Shattered Lands


The first shelf in the Alice-inspired fall.


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The Phantom Hourglass and The Shattered Lands - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

The Phantom Hourglass and The Shattered Lands - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

The Shattered Lands and Phantom Hourglass are featured in video. Please note that information prior to 1:39 is out of date.

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