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The Last Great War of Hyrule, also called the Dark War, is a historical event that occurred deep within Tamriel's past, during one of the Lost Eras. It is explored in the lore book The Last Great War of Hyrule. The Last Great War is a defining event for the story behind Relics of Hyrule and establishes why no Hylians or other tribes are found in the mod, as well as the nature of several locations in the mod. The War also connects to Elder Scrolls lore with the involvement of Alduin, as implied by several lore books, and explicitly stated by some books, such as The Last Great War of Hyrule and The Dark Lord and the World-Eater.

The War waged for an unspecified number of years, and across several realms, including Hyrule, Lorule, Termina, the Twilight Realm, and the Sacred Realm. During the war, Lorule was destroyed, and Hyrule began to freeze. Link, specifically the incarnation known as the Hero of Time, was absent during the war, and several citizens believed he would arrive to end the war. However, the Hero never came. The final moments of the War are referred to as the Battle of a Thousand Heroes, and the War ended with the destruction of the Triforce and subsequent cleansing of the land, as discussed in Zelda's Epitaph and Wisdom, Power, and Emotion, as well as Twilight and Apocrypha. Some monsters survived the cleansing by being sealed in the Ruptured Towers and escaping through the Link Between Worlds. The Shattered Lands are the remains of Hyrule after the events of the War, locked in time within the remnants of the Sacred Realm, while the Link Between Worlds is a corrupted version of the remains of the Temple of Light.

The War was implemented into the Relics of Hyrule mythos since the mod's inception, and was even part of the lore for JKalenad's standalone Zelda mods. The nature of the war drew inspiration from The Wind Waker, Hyrule Warriors, and Skyward Sword. The title is inspired by the Last Great Time War, an event in the Doctor Who Universe.

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