The Terminan Forge is a special type of forge used to craft items in Relics of Hyrule. There is one located in Whiterun Hold, east of Rorikstead and another at Pale Stone Camp on Solstheim.

In both Whiterun Hold and Pale Stone Camp the area surrounding the forge contains a Smelter, a Tanning Rack, a Grindstone, a Workbench and an Anvil.

The Terminan Forge in Whiterun Hold features a non-respawning chest that contains a Note, a Torn Page, a Empty Wine Bottle, and the Terminan Book.

The forge can be found by traveling east of Rorikstead. It is directly north of Gjukar's Monument.

Packs of wolves and other predators sometimes enter the area. Giants also appear nearby, but tend to be farther away than the wolves.

Lore Edit

The Terminan Forge was built during the Last Great War of Hyrule by refugees from Termina. After Hyrule fell, Dwemer discovered the forge and maintained it, hence the Dwemer ruins surrounding it. The forge was once inside a Dwemer building, but that building has since crumbled.

It is implied that the forge is maintained by a resident of Rorikstead, but also that the forge is too hot to be useful for standard smithing.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Terminan Forge was originally part of the standalone Terminan Shield mod, and has remained relatively unchanged since that mod was merged with Relics of Hyrule. The major change was adding lava to the forge in the Dawnguard and Legendary versions, and expanding the area with a full set of smithing equipment.

The Terminan Forge was added to isolate Relics of Hyrule crafting into its own location, rather than cluttering the standard smithing menu. The forge also serves as a smithing hub, given that the chest does not respawn.

The adjective "Terminan" is not necessarily canon, but has been used as a noun to refer to the world's inhabitants. It is used to distinguish the Hero's Shield from Majora's Mask from other shields baring the name, as well as to establish Termina's voice in the lore.

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Terminan Forge, Ancient Enchanter, Alteration Table - Relics Video of Hyrule Guide

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