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The Sword of the Sages is a unique sword found in False God Passage. It is equal in strength to a Daedric sword, but weighs as much as a steel sword.

Location Edit

False God Passage is accessible through the Rift Secret Grotto via Blocks of Time summoned by the Song of Time.

The small area is linked to the grotto by a door halfway up the cavern wall. The Song of Time will summon a bridge of Blocks of Time that allow the player to reach the door. The Sword of the Sages is found in a chest near a copy of Cult Study Vol. 1.

Lore Edit

The presence of the Sword of the Sages in Skyrim is unusual. It was used by the Sage of Water in an alternate timeline in an attempt to execute Ganondorf. The execution failed and Ganondorf took the sword for himself, using it to fight the Hero of Twilight years after his failed execution.

One may assume it was brought to Skyrim by the Hero of Twilight the during the Battle of a Thousand Heroes. However, there are no records of the Hero of Twilight retrieving the sword after defeating Ganondorf.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Sword of the Sages was one of the most requested items from users of Relics of Hyrule. JKalenad was enthusiastic about its inclusion but could not secure a model of it. Like the Wind Waker and Zelda's Sword, the model for Sword of the Sages was made by fcp078.

The Sword of the Sages was originally included without a scabbard. The scabbard was implemented in version 6.47, as well as a size change for the sword. The sword was enlarged in 6.47 and became two-handed by default, with an option to change the grip of the sword at an Alteration Table.

The placement of the Sword of the Sages in False God Passage is intended to foreshadow lore that will be included in version 6.5.

Prior to version 6.47, the size of the Sword of the Sages was significantly smaller than its appearance in Twilight Princess, in which the sword is nearly twice the size of the Master Sword. The handle of the sword in Relics of Hyrule is longer than in official artwork to accommodate a Skyrim character's hand.

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The Sword of the Sages on a character's back. Shows scabbard and size implemented in 6.47.

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Sword of the Sages - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Sword of the Sages - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

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