The Stone of Agony by

Vylintyn Mohkcshivek

My studies have unearthed legends of a small, unassuming stone that can be used to craft a spell that can detect both living beings and the undead.

The Stone of Agony was apparently once used to find treasures, but the spell was somehow doctored during a terrible war so that battlemages could use it to find hidden enemies and allies. Since the war was mostly one against the living dead, a spell that could distinguish between mortals and the undead was invaluable. In fact, the spell is recorded to have been used to determine if an ally was transformed into a zombie, vampire, or the like.

My sources, as with many of my studies, were Dwemer legends. I have gleaned very little information on the Stone of Agony, so the above paragraph is the result of years of research on hundreds of texts. Very few mention the War of the Dead, and those that mention the War very rarely mention the Stone of Agony. My choice to publish this information was made after finding no further information year after year despite my best efforts.

Notes Edit

The book explores the purpose the Stone of Agony served in the Last Great War of Hyrule and provides an alternate name for the war.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The book was included with the Stone of Agony to provide context for it in Relics of Hyrule. Before version 6.0, the book could only be found in random loot, and before 6.3, there was no guaranteed location for the book outside of the Ruptured Towers.

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