The Song of Time is a unique spell and Ocarina Song usable only with the Ocarina of Time. Like all songs it can be found in leveled loot, but its guaranteed songbook page is found in Forelhost Refectory.

The Song of Time has many functions and is arguably the most versatile spell in Relics of Hyrule. Whenever it is played, it restores all three attributes by 50 points. If played at an Ancient Enchanter, it allows the player to restore certain books and craft certain items. Even if the Song of Time is not active, its mere presence allows the player to craft pages for the Song of Double Time and Inverted Song of Time.

In certain locations, playing the Song of Time will provide new routes for the player by summoning Blocks of Time. Playing the Song of Time will also open the Ancient Gates in Kinolangdanzel, Morwitijaal, and Itnamzand.

Crafting Edit

Song of Time is Known Edit

Original Item Product Other Requirements
Noble Sword Tempered Sword Fire Salts, Moon Shard, 50 Enchanting or 40 Alteration
Roll of Paper Song of Double Time Page None
Roll of Paper Inverted Song of Double Time Page None

Song of Time is Active Edit

Original Item Product Other Requirements
Bomb Flower Bud Bomb Flower None
Time-worn Book Restored book* None

*These restored books provide minor pieces of lore and atmosphere and serve as easter eggs. They can also be restored with the Song of Healing.

Blocks of Time Edit


A Block of Time in Kamdelimar

Blocks of Time manifest when the Song of Time is played in certain locations. They often provide the player with platforms to reach otherwise unreachable areas, or vanish to allow the player to pass. While some areas can be reached with Whirlwind Sprint, the Roc's Cape or the Hover Boots, certain areas can only be accessed using the blocks. Certain areas can only be accessed if a Block of Time is removed.

Location Service
Kinolangdanzel Reveals treasure chest
Itnamzand Deep Facilitates retrieval of Magic Sword
Kamdelimar Allows access to the rest of the dungeon.
Link Between Worlds Facilitates entry into The Shattered Lands
The Shattered Lands Facilitates and allows access to treasure chests
Ruptured Towers Entrance Facilitates return to The Ruptured Towers - Fear from the entrance.
Ruptured Towers - Fear Allows access to treasure chest
Hilda's Tomb Facilitates re-entry into The Ruptured Towers - Grief
Rift Secret Grotto Allows entry into False God Passage
Winterhold Secret Grotto Allows access to the rest of the dungeon.
Eastmarch Secret Grotto Allows access to the rest of the dungeon.
Rorikstead Secret Grotto Allows access to the rest of the dungeon.
Sand God Passage Allows access to the Spirit Temple
Spirit Temple Allows access to an optional key and loot.

More areas are planned to contain Blocks of Time.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Song of Time has been present in Relics of Hyrule since the mod's inception and the inclusion of the Ocarina of Time. Its function has evolved over time to more effectively replicate its use in Ocarina of Time. The guaranteed location of its songbook page in Forelhost has not changed since its implementation.

Prior to version 6.4, the Song of Time allowed the player to craft a key to open the Ancient Gates. This function was implemented due to JKalenad's limited skill-set at the beginning of the development of Relics of Hyrule. With the addition of the Blocks of Time and their reflection of his developed skills, JKalenad was able to rework the Ancient Gates to function as he originally envisioned.

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