I came to Kakariko Village hoping people still lived here, and maybe it would be the warmest place, being next to that volcano. It's just as cold as the rest of Hyrule. It's summer. For the love of Din, it's summer.

The Black Army live in the castle now. I don't know where the royal family are. I wish I was there when they broke the  gate. I could have helped. I should have helped. I'm a soldier. I should have helped.

Every so often the ground moans. Nobody I ask knows why. An old woman who lives in the village said that Hyrule is dying. The Hero did not come, the goddesses abandoned us, and Hyrule is dying.

I believe her.

The wolves will come and take us. Hero help us.
In this land, there are no more heroes or cowards. Only death.

Lore Edit

The Soldier's Journal establishes that the Last Great War of Hyrule waged during the summer, but the weather of Hyrule was as cold as winter. The journal alludes to a supernatural explanation for the cracking and groaning audible in the Freezing Caves.

The Soldier's Journal mentions that Hyrule Castle was lost to the Dark Army (or Black Army as it is called in the journal), giving some context to the First Journal.

Backround and Inspiration Edit

The lines "The wolves will come and take us. Hero help us." are in reference to the song 7 Days to the Wolves by Nightwish, from their 2007 album Dark Passion Play.

The Soldier's Journal was included in version 3.0 of Relics of Hyrule with Kinolangdanzel and the Freezing Caves. It was included to enrich the lore and atmosphere of the mod.

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