So with a glad and patient heart
I move toward mine end:
The streams, that flow awhile apart,
shall both in ocean blend.
I dare not weep: I can but bless
The Love that pitied my distress,
And lent me, in Life's wilderness,
So sweet and true a friend.
But if there be -- O if there be
A truth in what they say,
That angel-forms we cannot see
Go with us on our way;
then surely she is with me here,
I dimly feel her spirit near--
The morning-mists grow thin and clear,
And Death brings in the Day.

Location Edit

The Scout's Journal is found in the final room of Kinolangdanzel's upper dungeon, on the corpse of a Wood Elf scout.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Scout's Journal is composed of the last few stanzas of "The Valley of the Shadow of Death" by Lewis Carroll, from the collection Three Sunsets and Other Poems.

The Scout's Journal was added to Relics of Hyrule with Kinolangdanzel and serves to tell the Scout's story, and to establish atmosphere for the dungeon and the lore of the mod in general.

The Scout's Journal and its companion books are the first instances of JKalenad's tradition of placing poetry in dungeons.

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