The Sage Weapons are a set of unique weapons associated with the seven Sages and found in the Ruptured Towers and one in the Link Between Worlds.

Weapon Sage Type Element Location
Hummingbird Saria Dagger Forest Doubt
Igneous Hammer Darunia Warhammer Fire Fear
Torrent Ruto One-handed Sword Water Anguish
Sheikah Blade Impa One-handed Sword

Two-handed Sword

Shadow Loss
Waning Crescent Nabooru Glaive Spirit Misery
Aubade Rauru One-handed Sword Light Grief
Zelda's Sword Zelda One-handed Sword Time Guilt
Zelda's Bow Zelda Bow Time Link Between Worlds

Background and Inspiration Edit

Most of the Sage Weapons were implemented in version 6.5, except Zelda's Bow, Zelda's Sword, Hummingbird, and Aubade, which were implemented in versions 3.0, 6.0, and 6.4, respectively.

The Sage Weapons were included to definitively establish the presence of the Seven Sages during the Last Great War of Hyrule.

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