Rift Secret Grotto is a large Secret Grotto accessed by a trapdoor located east-southeast of Shor's Stone. It consists of a cave that breaks into a large, flooded cavern. It contains a Skyloft Wooden Shield, as well as a Terminan Shield and the entrance to False God Passage.

The first room contains a bandit and a cave door opened by a lever at the end of the grotto. A passage to the west leads into a large, flooded cavern. A stronger bandit guards a system of wooden platforms that lead down to the surface of the water. On the north side of the underwater ruins lies a chest containing a Skyloft Wooden Shield next to an ornate lever. When pulled, the lever opens the cave door in the first room of the grotto. On the west side of the room lies an iron door that leads to False God Passage. Under it is the corpse of a Ganon Cultist. With the Ocarina of Time in the player's inventory, the Song of Time must be played at the end of the wooden platforms in order to reveal Blocks of Time that lead up to the door. The Eye of Truth spell will indicate that this is possible. However, the door is locked and can only be opened once the Ruptured Towers have been completed.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Rift Secret Grotto was added in version 5.6, with the entrance to False God Passage appearing in version 6.44.

Prior to the addition of False God Passage, JKalenad had plans to expand the Rift Secret Grotto by allowing access to the flooded Ancient Nord ruin. After version 6.44, JKalenad decided to leave the grotto alone and instead connect the ruin to False God Passage.



Rift Secret Grotto - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Rift Secret Grotto - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

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