This page serves to list the features that the Relics of Hyrule wikia will eventually have...hopefully.

  • Walkthroughs for dungeons and locations, similar to those on
  • Inclusion of images of book pages.
  • Inclusion of item in-game descriptions as image captions
  • Adaptations for Reworked infoboxes
    • Wikia's newer infobox formats, while they have a somewhat steeper learning curve, will help organize information more nicely.
      • All infoboxes are now converted, and future infoboxes will use the new format.
      • Existing articles will be adapted to the new format of their infoboxes.
    • Please ensure that FormIDs are accurate and listed in parentheses
      • (##00112) rather than ##00112 or 0400112
        • (##...) is used instead of (04...) because the first two numbers in a FormID are a result of a player's load order. (04...) assumes that Relics of Hyrule is loaded fourth, which it almost certainly will not be.
        • Parentheses will prevent the infobox format from confusing the FormID for a list.
  • Subcategories
  • Lore History pages
    • Pages on people and events and how they fit into Relics of Hyrule canon.
      • e.g. Zelda: who she is, her role in the Last Great War of Hyrule, and items in the mod associated with her.
  • Removal of "DUPLICATE00#" from EditorID in infoboxes
    • These have been removed from EditorIDs within the mod.
    • The EditorIDs should be accurate to current versions of the mod. Most EditorIDs now end with "RoH."

Feel free to suggest features in the Requested Features thread on forum!

If you want to know what is in store for the mod, the Planned Mod Features page is the place to go.