The Picori Blade is a unique one-handed Elven Sword. It is equal in strength to a Dwarven Sword, but swings at the speed of a dagger. The Picori Blade can be reforged into the first Elemental White Sword and ultimately into the Four Sword.

The Picori Blade can also be duplicated into a slightly stronger weapon.

Location Edit

The Picori Blade is found in Arkngthamz, and a guaranteed duplicate can be found in Broken Oar Grotto.

The true Picori Blade in Arkngthamz is located in a hidden, underwater cave on the western side of a large cylindrical area open to the sky.

The duplicate in Broken Oar Grotto is found on a shelf in the bandits' central structure.

Crafting Edit

Terminan Forge Edit

Required Items


Match Conditions


1 Ring of Woodfall 50 Smithing
1 Dwarven Metal Ingot --
2 Leather Strips --

Ancient Enchanter Edit

Required Items Match Conditions Alternate Conditions
2 Taproot 40 Alteration 50 Enchanting
1 Ring of Woodfall -- --
1 Filled Greater Soul Gem -- --

Duplication Edit

Terminan Forge Edit

Required Items Match Condtions
1 Silver Ingot 30 Smithing
1 Refined Moonstone Picori Blade in inventory
1 Quicksilver Ingot --
2 Purple Mountain Flowers --
2 Leather Strips --

Lore Edit

According to the Gossip Stones, the Picori Blade was found by the Dwemer of Arkngthamz and was wielded by a Dwemer king who lived there.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Picori Blade was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 4.0.

Its appearance was inspired by the Picori Blade of The Minish Cap, with stylistic differences given its basis on Skyrim's Elven Sword.

The duplicate Picori Blade was included to allow players to keep a sword resembling the Picori Blade instead of replacing it with the Elemental White Swords or Four Sword.

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