Nayru's Ward is an Expert level Restoration Spell. While concentrating, it slightly heals the caster while projecting a protective ward that reflects incoming spells, with a chance to absorb their power. Nayru's Ward is learned by crafting and reading the Spell Tome: Nayru's Ward, which requires that the player already know Nayru's Love.

Nayru's Ward is required for Nayru's Blessing and Nayru's Shield.

Effect Edit

Effect Name Magnitude Area Duration
Restore Stamina 5 Self Every second while casting
Restore Health 5 Self Every second while casting
Shield - Lesser 30 Self While casting
Nayru's Absorption 50 Self While casting
Nayru's Love 100 Self While casting

Notes Edit

Nayru's Absorption is the spell absorption effect, and has a 50% chance of absorbing the Magicka of an incoming spell.

Nayru's Love is a protective and reflective effect. Unless the ward is broken, an aimed incoming spell will be reflected.

Spell Tome Edit

Spell Tome: Nayru's Ward teaches Nayru's Ward. It can be crafted at an Ancient Enchanter.

Crafting Edit

Required Items


1 Ruined Book 1 Filled Grand Soul Gem 1 Light Essence
Match Conditions


Nayru's Love --- ---

Background and Inspiration Edit

Nayru's Ward was originally included in the standalone Golden Goddess Spells mod before being integrated into Relics of Hyrule. It was included to make Nayru's Love more versatile and to allow the player to use the reflective ward effect from the mirror shields as a spell.

Nayru's Ward takes no direct inspiration from a spell from Zelda canon other than effects of the mirror shields. However, it is similar to the Reflect spell from The Adventure of Link. This similarity was unintentional.

The EditorID for the spell tome's recipe is "RecipeNayrusLallaWard" in reference to actress and author Lalla Ward, who played Romana II and Astra of Atrios in Doctor Who.

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Golden Goddess Spells - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Golden Goddess Spells - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

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