Nayru's Love is an Expert level Alteration spell. It protects the caster from incoming damage while absorbing magic. Incoming spells have a chance of being reflected. The spell also cures diseases and stops the lingering effects of poison.

The spell is learned by crafting and reading the Spell Tome: Nayru's Love, which requires Nayru's Sapphire.

Nayru's Love is used for one means of awakening the Master Sword, and for learning Nayru's Ward.

Effect Edit

Effect Name Magnitude Area Duration
Nayru's Love Armor 100 Self 60
Armor 70 Perk Bonus 60 Self 60
Nayru's Absorption 50 Self 60
Cure Disease 1 Self 0
Cure Poison 1 Self 0

Notes Edit

Nayru's Love Armor has a reflective effect, while Nayru's Absorption absorbs magicka from incoming spells.

Cure Disease and Cure Poison act when the spell is first cast.

"Armor 70 Perk Bonus" is extra protection granted if the player has the Mage Armor perk available at level 70 Alteration.

Spell Tome Edit

Spell Tome: Nayru's Love teaches Nayru's Love. It can be crafted at an Ancient Enchanter.

Crafting Edit

Required Items


Ruined Book Nayru's Sapphire Filled Grand Soul Gem
Match Conditions


---- ---- ----

Background and Inspiration Edit

Nayru's Love was originally included in the standalone Golden Goddess Spells mod before being integrated into Relics of Hyrule.

Nayru's Love is closely based on the spell's function in Ocarina of Time, with some influence from Zelda's use of the spell in the Super Smash Bros. series of games. It serves as a powerful Mage Armor spell as well as a way to cure disease and poison without potions or visiting shrines.

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Golden Goddess Spells - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Golden Goddess Spells - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

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