The Magic Sword is a special one-handed sword that deals the same amount of damage as a Glass sword. It can be found in Itnamzand, on a sideways wall that can only be reached with Whirlwind Sprint, Roc's Cape, or the Hover Boots. The Magic Sword possesses an exclusive enchantment that both makes the target weak to magic and penetrates their armor.

 The sword reacts with the White Ring to fire sword beams that explode on impact, damaging enemy armor rating and applying a 25% weakness to magic for 30 seconds.

Lore Edit

The origins of the Magic Sword are unknown, but it was likely used by a Hero during the Battle of a Thousand Heroes. At some point it was found by Dwemer who constructed Itnamzand, as stated by the Gossip Stones. The Dwemer who discovered it used it in battle to weaken foes, but sealed away the Noble Sword.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The model for the Magic Sword was donated by SatoshiKura. Its design is based on Link's Equipment from Soul Calibur II, which in turn is based on artwork from The Legend of Zelda. Its value, 1986, is a reference to the year the original game was released in Japan for the Famicom.

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