Linkle's Crossbow is a crossbow that is as strong as an Ebony Bow, and weighs as much as a Dwarven Bow.

As with the crossbows added in Dawnguard, it is able to ignore 25% of armor. Unlike the Hero's Crossbow, it doesn't deal extra damage to undead.

Location Edit

Linkle's Crossbow can be found in the Kakariko Barracks in Kakariko Village, which is located above the Frozen Caverns in the Link Between Worlds. It is resting on a shelf alongside Hylian Soldier equipment.

A second crossbow can be found in the Forgotten Cavern, being in Vylintyn Mohkcshivek's inventory.

Linkle's Enhanced Crossbow Edit

As with the Hero's Crossbow, Linkle's Crossbow can be enhanced at a Terminan Forge.

Linkle's Enhanced Crossbow is as strong as both the standard and Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow, but remains the same in terms of weight as the original crossbow.

It will continue to ignore 25% of armor, and has a chance of paralysis.

Lore Edit

The presence of Linkle's Crossbow indicates that she was present during the Last Great War of Hyrule. The description of the crossbow implies she was thought of as a hero in her own right. It remains unknown whether she was a Hylian who took up arms to fight or was brought to Hyrule during the Battle of a Thousand Heroes.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Linkle's Crossbow is a retextured Crossbow found in the Dawnguard DLC. It is based on the red crossbow that is used by Linkle in Hyrule Warriors.

The presence of two crossbows reflects Linkle's fighting style: that of dual-wielding crossbows. The crossbows were made standard crossbows simply because JKalenad did not feel the necessity to implement one-handed crossbows when Dawnguard's crossbows function very well.

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