Light Arrows are special enchanted arrows that are slightly stronger than Dwarven Arrows. They inflict fear and shock damage, and will sometimes disintegrate foes. Light Arrows can be either crafted or found in Light Shrines scattered throughout Skyrim and Solstheim.

 Light Arrows can be refined into Light Essence and Potent Light Essence. They can also be converted into Light Bolts at an Ancient Enchanter.


Required Items (Consumed): 2 Light Essence 1 Dwarven Arrow
Match Conditions (Kept): Enchanting lvl. 70 ----

Alternate Conditions

Smithing lvl. 60 ----

Notes Edit

The bright explosion caused by Light Arrows inflicts the disintegrate effect. This means that enemies struck by the arrow itself have a better chance of surviving than enemies that are caught in the explosion, who will almost always suffer heavy shock damage, followed by disintegration.

Light Arrows are weightless, so they do not arc when fired from a bow. Therefore, the extent to which a bow is drawn will change how fast a Light Arrow will travel. This allows them to be fired very quickly if necessary.

Background and InspirationEdit

The Light Arrows were first created for JKalenad's Fire, Ice, and Light Arrows mod published on June 28, 2013. They were originally retextured Dwarven arrows with a white enchanted glow. The arrows were later added into Relics of Hyrule.

The arrows are based on the Light Arrows from Ocarina of Time and later games, with most of the design influence coming from Twilight Princess. The purple fletching of the arrows is in reference to the colors of Zelda's dress in Twilight Princess, because of her frequent use of the arrows.

In version 6.5, Light Arrows were significantly buffed, with their shock damage lasting for 5 seconds rather than 1. The arrows themselves also deal 15 points of damage rather than 5. The arrows were made more rare, with a 1:2 ratio to Silver Arrows, rather than 1:1. They were also made more expensive to craft, requiring 2 Light Essence and 1 Dwarven Arrow, rather than 1 Light Essence and two Dwarven Arrows.

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