Lascia ch'io pianga
mia cruda sorte,
e che sospiri
la libertà.

Il duolo infranga
queste ritorte
de' miei martiri
sol per pietà.


The translation of the Italian text is as follows:

Let me weep
My cruel fate,
And that I
should have freedom.

The duel infringes
within these twisted places,
in my sufferings
I pray for mercy.

The poem's presence in Hilda's Tomb reflects her feelings of imprisonment within her own kingdom, her wish to be free of strife, and her blame of Ganon's war with the World-Eater as the cause of her suffering.

Background and InspirationEdit

Lascia ch'io pianga is an aria from the opera Rinaldo by Georg Frideric Handel. The aria is sung by the character Almirena after being abducted by an evil sorceress. She has no hope of escaping and can only pray for mercy.

The poem was added to Hilda's Tomb in version 6.4, but was later removed, as JKalenad felt it was too short and didn't fit the themes of the area. He later reinstated the poem because of his love of classical music and desire to spread knowledge of it, and because he reconsidered its role in Hilda's story.

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