Kakariko Chapel is a building accessed via the Freezing Caves. It contains three active Golden Goddess Statues, the Fierce Deity's Boots, a Moon's Tear, and the Hylian Prayer Book. The chapel also has access to the Kakariko Village Fairy Fountain.

The chapel is small, containing only the statues, trapdoors, offering box, and a table bearing clothing including the Fierce Deity's Boots.

As of 6.27, a Piece of Mind can be found in the offering box

Lore Edit

Kakariko Chapel was visited more than any other building in Kakariko Village at the end of the Last Great War of Hyrule. The chapel gave the villagers what little peace of mind that they could gather. The chapel was also the only exit from the Freezing Caves to the outside after the town was covered in snow.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Kakariko Chapel was added in version 6.0. The Lens of Truth was originally planned to be in the offering box, but it was decided that such a relic would be better protected and it was moved.

Kakariko Chapel is loosely inspired by the sanctuary in the Twilight Princess version of Kakariko Village, and was included to provide a location for the player to exchange Tarnished Shards and Charred Fragments, as well as to enrich the lore and atmosphere of the mod.

Prior to 6.0, the trapdoor that leads to Kakariko Chapel was present but inaccessible in the Freezing Caves. This was done out of foresight, as JKalenad expected the Freezing Caves would expand.

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