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Alteration Table

Ancient Enchanter

Terminan Forge


999-Man Slicer

Armos Battleaxe

Armos Bow

Armos Dagger

Armos Greatsword

Armos Halberd

Armos Mace

Armos Sword

Armos War Axe

Armos War Hammer

Ash Rod

Ash Rod (Lesser)


Bane of Arthropods

Bane of Arthropods II

Bane of Arthropods III

Biggoron's Sword

Blade of Kakariko

Bomb Flower

Bow of the Great Sea

Bow of the Sky

Cane of Byrna

Cane of Pacci

Cane of Somaria

Chu Jelly


Colossal Sword

Corrupt Master Sword

Dampé's Shovel

Dark Dagger

Darknut Battlesword

Darknut Greatsword

Darknut Lesser Greatsword

Darknut Lesser Sword

Darknut Sword


Deep Corrupt Master Sword

Deku Nut

Deku Nut Mature

Deku Spear

Din's Pearl

Dominion Rod


Eightfold Blade

Eightfold Longblade

Elemental White Sword

Elemental White Sword II

Elemental White Sword III

Fairy Bow

False Master Sword

Fierce Deity's Sword

Fighter's Sword

Fire Arrow

Fire Rod

Fire Rod (Lesser)

Forgotten Battleaxe

Forgotten Bow

Forgotten Broadsword

Forgotten Dagger

Forgotten Hammer

Forgotten Longsword

Forgotten Spear

Forgotten Sword

Forgotten War Axe

Forgotten War Hammer

Four Sword

Ganon's Sword

Gerudo Dagger

Gerudo Naginata

Gerudo Sabre

Gerudo Scimitar

Giant's Knife

Gilded Sword

Gilded Sword Duplicate

Goddess Longsword

Goddess Sword

Goddess White Sword

Golden Sword

Goron Club

Goron Mace

Goron Maul

Goron Quarterstaff

Goron Shortstaff

Goron Staff

Goron War-Mace

Great Fairy's Sword

Great Thunderblade

Gust Jar

Hammer of the Palace

Hero's Bow

Hero's Crossbow

Hero's Enhanced Crossbow

Hero's Sword

Hero's Sword Honed

Hilda's Staff



Hylian Bomb

Hylian Impact Bomb

Hylian Proximity Bomb

Ice Arrow

Ice Rod

Ice Rod (Lesser)

Igneous Hammer

Iron Knuckle's Battleaxe

Kokiri Sword

Kokiri Sword Reforged

Kokiri Sword Duplicate

Lesser Sacred Bow

Light Arrow

Linkle's Crossbow

Linkle's Enhanced Crossbow

Lokomo Sword

Lolian Broadsword

Lolian Dagger

Lolian Greatsword

Lolian Hookblade

Lolian Longsword

Lolian Mace

Magic Hammer

Magic Sword

Master Sword

Megaton Hammer

Midna's Sabre

Moblin Longsword

Moblin Shortsword

Moblin Sword

Moblin War Axe

Noble Sword

Ordon Sword

Ordon Sword Honed

Outset Sword

Outset Sword Honed

Phantom Sword

Phantom's Battlesword

Picori Blade

Picori Blade Duplicate

Poe's Bludgeoning Torch

Poe's Burning Lantern

Poe's Burning Torch

Poe's Lantern

Power Sword

Razor Sword

Razor Sword Duplicate

Roar Stick

Sacred Bow


Scissor Beetle Bow

Scissor Beetle Staff

Scissor Beetle Sword

Scissor Beetle War Axe

Seashell Sword

Sheikah Blade

Sheikah Dagger

Shrouded Stalfos Left Arm

Shrouded Stalfos Right Arm

Shock Arrows

Skull Hammer

Skulltula Hatchling

Skulltula Venom Vial

Skulltula Venom Vial (Distilled)

Skulltula Venom Vial (Saturated)

Staff of Pestos

Staff of Scissor Beetles

Staff of Skulltula

Staff of Skulltula Thrall

Staff of Stalhounds

Staff of Stals

Staff of Summon Wind Gimos

Stalfos Greatsword

Stalfos Left Arm

Stalfos Right Arm

Stalfos Sword

Sword of Despair

Sword of the Sages

Tempered Sword


Terminan Bow

Their Device



Tornado Rod

Tornado Rod (Lesser)


Trident of Power

True Four Sword

True Goddess Sword

True Master Sword

True Phantom Sword

Twili Battleaxe

Twili Bow

Twili Dagger

Twili Glaive

Twili Morning Star

Twili Odachi

Twili Sabre

Twili Scythe

Twili Sword

Twili War Axe


Wand of Gamelon

Waning Crescent

Wind Waker

Vicious Sickle

Zelda's Bow

Zelda's Scabbard

Zelda's Sword

Zora Battleaxe

Zora Dagger

Zora Halberd

Zora Heavy Trident

Zora Shortspear

Zora Spear

Zora Sword

Zora Trident

Zora War Axe

Zuna Dagger

Zuna Shortsword



Armos Shield

Ashland Blue Ring Tunic

Ashland Dark Tunic

Ashland Eldin Tunic

Ashland Fairy Tunic

Ashland Faron Tunic

Ashland Goron Tunic

Ashland Hero's Clothes

Ashland Ikana Tunic

Ashland Lanayru Tunic

Ashland Oocca Tunic

Ashland Woodfall Tunic

Ashland Yeti Tunic

Ashland Zora Tunic

Atrocious Shield

Blasphemous Shield

Blue Ring

Blue Ring Cap

Blue Ring Circlet

Blue Ring Glass Armor

Blue Ring Tunic

Clock Shield - Daybreak

Clock Shield - Nightfall

Clock Shield - Unified

Cult of Ganon Ring

Dark Cap

Dark Circlet

Dark Glass Armor

Dark Heavy Shield

Dark Hero's Boots

Dark Hero's Clothes

Dark Hero's Gauntlets

Dark Shield

Darknut Armor

Darknut Boots

Darknut Gauntlets

Darknut Helmet

Darknut Lesser Armor

Darknut Lesser Boots

Darknut Lesser Gauntlets

Darknut Lesser Helmet

Darknut Lesser Shield

Darknut Shield

Deku Shield

Desecrated Shield

Din's Pearl (Shield)

Divine Shield

Enchanted Rings

Eldin Cap

Eldin Circlet

Eldin Glass Armor

Eldin Tunic

Fairy Cap

Fairy Circlet

Faron Cap

Faron Circlet

Faron Glass Armor

Faron Tunic

Fierce Deity's Armor

Fierce Deity's Boots

Fierce Deity's Cap

Fierce Deity's Circlet

Fierce Deity's Gauntlets

Fighter's Shield

Ganon Cultist Robes

Ganon's Armor

Ganon's Boots

Ganon's Cape

Ganon's Circlet

Ganon's Gauntlets

Goddess Shield

Gold Skulltula Chitin Armor

Gold Skulltula Chitin Boots

Gold Skulltula Chitin Bracers

Gold Skulltula Chitin Heavy Armor

Gold Skulltula Chitin Heavy Boots

Gold Skulltula Chitin Heavy Gauntlets

Gold Skulltula Chitin Heavy Helmet

Gold Skulltula Chitin Heavy Shield

Gold Skulltula Chitin Helmet

Gold Skulltula Chitin Shield

Golden Gauntlets

Golden Mirror Shield

Goron Circlet

Goron Glass Armor

Goron Shield

Goron Tunic

Goron Warrior Armor

Goron Warrior Boots

Goron Warrior Gauntlets

Goron's Cap

Great Fairy's Armor

Great Fairy's Tunic

Great Fairy's Circlet

Green Knight's Armor

Green Knight's Boots

Green Knight's Cloak

Green Knight's Gauntlets

Green Knight's Helmet

Helmet of the Hero's Shade

Heretic Shield

Hero's Armor

Hero's Boots

Hero's Cap

Hero's Clothes

Hero's Gauntlets

Hero's Glass Armor

Hilda's Armor

Hilda's Dress/Lolian Regalia

Hilda's Ring

Hover Boots

Hylian Armor

Hylian Blue Ring Armor

Hylian Dark Armor

Hylian Eldin Armor

Hylian Fairy Armor

Hylian Faron Armor

Hylian Goron Armor

Hylian Heavy Shield

Hylian Ikana Armor

Hylian Knight's Shield

Hylian Lanayru Armor

Hylian Oocca Armor

Hylian Regal Boots

Hylian Regalia

Hylian Scout Helmet

Hylian Scout Tunic

Hylian Shield

Hylian Soldier's Boots

Hylian Soldier's Gauntlets

Hylian Soldier's Helmet

Hylian Woodfall Armor

Hylian Yeti Armor

Ikana Cap

Ikana Circlet

Ikana Glass Armor

Ikana Scout Helmet

Ikana Tunic

Improved Stalfos Bonemold Armor

Improved Stalfos Bonemold Boots

Improved Stalfos Bonemold Gauntlets

Improved Stalfos Bonemold Helmet

Improved Stalfos Bonemold Shield

Iron Knuckle Helmet

Ivory Ring

Iron Boots, The

Knight's Crest

Kokiri Circlet

Lanayru Cap

Lanayru Circlet

Lanayru Glass Armor

Lanayru Tunic

Life Medal

Lolian Enhanced Royal Shield

Lolian Enhanced Shield

Lolian Fortified Royal Shield

Lolian Shield

Lolian Fortified Shield

Lolian Regal Boots

Lolian Regalia

Lolian Royal Shield

Lolian Shield

Magic Armor

Magical Shield

Magnetic Gloves

Mirror Shield of the Desert

Mirror Shield of the Great Sea

Mirror Shield of Termina

Mirror Shield of the Tower

Mirror Shield of the Well

Nayru's Shield

Oocca Cap

Oocca Circlet

Oocca Glass Armor

Oocca Tunic

Ordon Shield

Outset Shield

Pegasus Boots

Piece of Heart

Piece of Mind

Piece of Soul

Poe's Warded Lantern

Platinum Gauntlets

Red Ring

Red Shield

Red Tunic

Redead Leather Armor

Redead Leather Boots

Redead Leather Bracers

Redead Leather Helmet

Redead Leather Shield

Ring of Eldin

Ring of Goron

Ring of Ikana

Ring of Kokiri

Ring of Lanayru

Ring of Oocca

Ring of Snowhead

Ring of Spirits

Ring of Woodfall

Ring of Zora

Roc's Cape

Sacred Shield

Sheikah Armor

Sheikah Garb

Silver Gauntlets

Scissor Beetle Heavy Shield

Scissor Beetle Light Shield

Sheikah Boots

Sheikah Garb

Shellbug Helmet

Shield of Antiquity

Shield of Four Souls

Skulltula Chitin Armor

Skulltula Chitin Boots

Skulltula Chitin Bracers

Skulltula Chitin Heavy Armor

Skulltula Chitin Heavy Boots

Skulltula Chitin Heavy Bracers

Skulltula Chitin Heavy Helmet

Skulltula Chitin Heavy Shield

Skulltula Chitin Helmet

Skulltula Chitin Shield

Skyloft Banded Shield

Skyloft Braced Shield

Skyloft Fortified Shield

Skyloft Iron Shield

Skyloft Reinforced Shield

Skyloft Wooden Shield

Snowhead Circlet

Spirit Shield

Stalfos Bonemold Armor

Stalfos Bonemold Boots

Stalfos Bonemold Gauntlets

Stalfos Bonemold Helmet

Stalfos Bonemold Shield

Terminan Hero's Shield

Terminan Shield

True Hover Boots

Vaermina Robes

White Circlet

White Ring

White Skulltula Chitin Armor

White-Gold Skulltula Chitin Armor

Woodfall Cap

Woodfall Circlet

Woodfall Glass Armor

Woodfall Tunic

Worn Redead Leather Armor

Worn Redead Leather Boots

Worn Redead Leather Bracers

Worn Redead Leather Helmet

Worn Redead Leather Shield

Yeti Cap

Yeti Circlet

Yeti Glass Armor

Yeti Tunic

Yiga Armor

Zelda's Armor

Zelda's Dress

Zelda's Ring

Zora Circlet

Zora Heavy Shield

Zora Scout Armor

Zora Scout Boots

Zora Scout Gauntlets

Zora Scout's Helmet

Zora Tunic

Zora's Cap


Ash Rod

Ballad of Gales

Blessing of the Hero's Shade

Bolero of Fire

Bombos Medallion

Cane of Byrna

Cane of Pacci

Cane of Somaria

Charred Fragments

Chilfos Thrall

Colossal Pesto Thrall

Command Melody (Lesser)

Command Melody (True)

Conjure Armos

Dark Blessing

Dark Essence

Darknut Thrall

Deep Dark Essence

Din's Blessing

Din's Blaze

Din's Fire

Din's Fireball

Din's Pearl

Din's Power

Din's Ruby

Black Wolfos Thrall

Earth God's Lyric

Elegy of Emptiness

Epona's Dismissal

Epona's Song

Ether Medallion

Fairy Jars

Farore's Blessing

Farore's Courage

Farore's Emerald

Farore's Gale

Farore's Pearl

Farore's Wind

Fire Rod

Gem of the Canyon

Gem of the Mountain

Gem of the Ocean

Gem of the Swamp

Gibdo Thrall

Gimos Thrall

Goron Lullaby

Grey Gem

Harp of Ages

Heart Container

Hero's Blessing

Hero's Shade Blessing

Hylian Phantom Thrall

Hylian Soldier Thrall

Hylia's Acceptance

Hylia's Anger

Hylia's Bargain

Hylia's Contract

Hylia's Grief

Ice Rod

Inverted Song of Time

Iron Knuckle Thrall

Ivory Ring

Light Essence

Magic Container

Majora's Incarnation

Majora's Wrath

Minuet of Forest

Nayru's Blessing

Nayru's Grace

Nayru's Love

Nayru's Pearl

Nayru's Sapphire

Nayru's Ward

Nayru's Wisdom

New Wave Bossa Nova

Nocturne of Shadow

Oath to Order

Ocarina Respite

Ocarina Songbook

Ocarina of Time

Phantom Force

Phantom Hold

Phantom Hourglass

Phantom Innervation

Piece of Heart

Piece of Mind

Piece of Soul

Potent Light Essence

Quake Medallion

Redead Thrall

Requiem of Spirit

Respite Container

Sand of Hours

Saria's Song

Serenade of Water

Skulltula Thrall

Sonata of Awakening

Song of Double Time

Song of Healing

Song of Passing

Song of Soaring

Song of Storms

Song of Time

Stal Thrall

Stalchild Thrall

Stalfos Thrall

Stalhound Thrall

Staltroop Thrall

Stone of Agony

Summon Aquamentus

Summon Argorok

Summon Behemoth Scissor Beetle

Summon Colossal Pesto

Summon Darknut

Summon Black Wolfos

Summon Gibdo

Summon Goddess Sword

Summon Hero's Shade

Summon Hylian Soldier

Summon Iron Knuckle

Summon Phantom

Summon Redead

Summon Skulltula

Summon Stal

Summon Stalchild

Summon Stalfos

Summon Stalhound

Summon Stallord

Summon Staltroop

Summon Volvagia

Summon Wolfos

Sun's Song

Tarnished Shards

Tornado Rod


Triforce of Courage

Triforce of Emotion

Triforce of Knowledge

Triforce of Power

Triforce of Willpower

Triforce of Wisdom

Tune of Ages

Tune of Currents

Tune of Echoes

White Ring

Wind God's Aria

Wind Waker

Wind's Requiem

Wolfos Thrall

Zelda's Lullaby

Zelda's Round

Creatures, NPCs, Enemies, and Traps[]




Alpha Stalhound

Ancient Automaton




Armos Aggressor


Bewitched Giant

Big Skulltula

Big White Skulltula

Black Tektite


Blue Tektite


Breath of Vaati


Chilfos Knight


Cold Stal

Cold War Stal

Cursed Bokoblin

Dark Interloper


Black Wolfos

Eldin's Shade

Elite Bokoblin

Enthralled Weapons


Epona’s Shade

Falmer Arbiter

Falmer Skullchild

Faron's Shade

Feral Moblin

Fire Gimos

Flaming Stal

Flaming War Stal



Ganon Cultist

Gargantuan Slaughterfish

Gerudo Vampire

Giant Chaurus Hunter

Giant Chaurus Reaper

Giant Pesto

Giant Scissor Beetle


Gibdo Knight

Goddess of Steam


Gold Tektite

Gold Skulltula

Golden Fox

Great Fairy

Greater Chilfos

Greater Darknut

Greater Poe

Greater Wolfos

Green Tektite


Hero's Shade

Hylian Ghost

Hylian Mage

Hylian Scout

Hylian Soldier

Hylian Vampire

Ice Gimos

Iron Knuckle

Karat Crab


Lanayru's Shade


Lesser Poe

Lightning Stal

Lonely Giant

Lost Hylian Mage

Lost Hylian Scout

Lost Hylian Soldier


Majora's Priest


Master Darknut

Master Gimos

Master Poe

Master Stal

Master Wizzrobe

Monstrous Mammoth







Priest of Kamdelimar

Purple Tektite

Rare Tektite

Red Tektite


Redead Knight


Sand Crab

Scissor Beetle

Shade of Levias

Shrouded Stalfos

Silver Centurion


Skulltula Hatchling

Spriggan Earth Mother




Stalfos Knight




Stone Talus




Trapped Chest




War Stal

White Tektite

White Skulltula

White-Gold Skulltula

Wind Gimos



Yiga Blademaster

Yiga Footsoldier


Ingredients and Potions[]

Azure Tektite Jelly

Black Tektite Jelly

Blue Tektite Jelly

Bomb Flower Bud

Bomb Flower Seeds

Black Wolfos Claw

Black Wolfos Tooth

Eye of Wolfos

Gibdo Dust

Gold Dust

Gold Tektite Jelly

Golden Butterfly Wing

Great Fairy's Tears

Green Tektite Jelly

Karat Crab Chitin

Pesto Antennae

Potent Skulltula Venom

Purple Tektite Jelly

Rare Tektite Jelly

Red Tektite Jelly

Sand Crab Chitin

Sand of Hours Elixir

Skin of Redead

Skulltula Egg

Skulltula Venom

Skulltula Venom (Distilled)

Skulltula Venom (Potent)

Skulltula Venom (Saturated)

Stalfos Bone Meal

Stalhound Fang

Viridian Tektite Jelly

White Tektite Jelly




A Note of Sympathy

A Reminder

A Warning

An Apology

An Invitation

Bandit's Note

Bloodstained Note

Clan Letter


Fairy Letter

Forge Recipes

Fragment Notes

From Farengar Secret-Fire

From Sybille Stentor

From Sybille Stentor (Calcelmo)

Giant Note

Gossip Stones

Lens of Truth

Lost Journal

Icy Journal

Improving a Legendary Shield

Note (Command Melody)

Note (Folgunthur)

Note (Mask of Truth 1)

Note (Mask of Truth 2)

Note (Mask of Truth 3)

Note (Mask of Truth 3 Alt)

Note (Mask of Truth 4)

Note (Pantea)

Note from Shopkeeper

Note on a Massive Blade

Note on a Powerful Artifact

Note on a Strange Blade

Note to Elrindir

Note to Valga

Note to Wilhelm

Notes (Gilded Sword)

Notes (Mirror Shield)

Old List

Old Note (Arrow Forging)

Old Note (Fire Arrows)

Old Note (Ice Arrows)

Old Note (Light Arrows)

On the Winter War

Recipes for the Ancient Enchanters

Relic Song

Scribbled Note (Magnetic Gloves)

Scribbed Note (Calcelmo)

Shard Notes

Stone of Agony

Terminan Book

The Lost Art of the Ocarina

The Lost Art of the Ocarina (First Draft)

The Mysterious Forge

Torn Note (Brinehammer)

Torn Note (Ikana Tunic)

Torn Note (Ikana Tunic 2)

Torn Note (Mayor)

Torn Note (Raldbthar)

Torn Note (Windpeak)

Torn Page (Terminan)

Translated Dwarven Book


A Chronicle of War Volume I

A Chronicle of War Volume III

A Chronicle of War Volume II

A Chronicle of War Volume IV

Acid Lakes

All Things End

Alnesaan's Journal

Archaean Horizon

Arefal's Journal - Volume 1

Arefal's Journal - Volume 2

Arefal's Journal - Volume 3

Arefal's Journal - Volume 4

Arefal's Journal - Volume 5


Canyon Note


Cult Study Vol. 1

Cult Study Vol. 2

Dlekjran's Journal

Dwarven Book

Dwemer Legend Book

Dwemer Songbook

Empty Goddess

Even Death May Die

Fallen Woods


Forbidden Tome

Forgotten Dwemer Legends Vol. 1

Frozen Journal

Ganon's Epitaph

Ganon's Fate

Ganon's Vexation

Gerudo Note 1

Gerudo Note 2

Gerudo Note 3

Gerudo Note 4

Gerudo Note 5

Gossip Stones

Great Fairy

Great Fairy's Plea

Hero's Lament

Hero's Prayer

Hilda's Confession

Hilda's Proposition

Ignacia's Journal - Vol. 1

Ignacia's Journal - Vol. 2

Ignacia's Journal - Vol. 3

Ignacia's Journal - Vol. 4

Ignacia's Journal - Vol. 5

Island Ledger

Journal (Child's)

Journal (Farmer's)

Journal (Innkeeper's)

Journal (Roar Stick)

Journal (Wand of Gamelon)

Kakariko Chapel

Last March of the Kokiri

Latimer's Journal

Link Between Worlds

Lost Soldier's Journal

Madman's Journal

Midna's Lament

Moon Note

Mountain Note

Nikkhelottei's Journal

Note (Couple's Mask)

Note (Couple Mask Rejection)

Ocean Note

Old Letter

On Skulltulas

Queen of Twilight

Relic Song

Remembering Hyrule

Safe Chest (Note)

Silent Winds

Soldier's Journal

Tattered Journal (Linebeck)

Terminan Book

Thalmor Orders

The Battle of A Thousand Heroes

The City in the Sky

The Clock Ticks on

The Dark Lord and The World-Eater

The Eruption of Death Mountain

The Great Fairy's Sword: A History

The Last Great War of Hyrule

The Lost Art of the Ocarina

The Scouring of Kokiri Forest

The Shattered Lands

There Are No Fairies in Skyrim

They Have Come

Tome of the Fierce Deity

Torn Note (Freezing Caves)

Translated Dwarven Book

Twilight and Apocrypha

Vylintyn's Notes: They

Wisdom, Power, and Emotion

Yolanda's Journal

Zelda's Epitaph

Zelda's Player

Zelda's Wish

Zulema's Note



Con Te Partirò

Devoted Journal

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Dream Within a Dream

Far Away, Long Ago

Forceful Journal

Heartfelt Journal

How Glory Goes


I Dreamed a Dream

Into the West


O Captain! My Captain!

Lascia ch'io pianga

Our Decades in the Sun


Player Book (Hylian)

Prayer Book (Old)


Mage's Journal

Scout's Journal


Sleeping Sun

Stolen Waters

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

The Beauty That Remains

The Haunted Palace

The Last Goodbye

There Will Come Soft Rains

Thoughtful Journal

To Dream the Impossible Dream

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Turn Loose the Mermaids

Unknown Journal

Warrior's Journal

With You I Will Go

You'll Never Walk Alone


Charred Fragments

Golden Goddess Statues

Tarnished Shards

Triforce Pieces


Miscellaneous Items[]

See Also[]

Planned Mod Features