Spiders. There are spiders down here. Giant, white and red spiders. I killed one and stood there, stunned by the skull on its back.
I lost the axe. It's stuck in one of them. I thought I saw a gold one, but it hid from me. I'm not sure, but I think it had something in its mouth.

Found another axe. And a shield. That should help. I'm becoming a bit paranoid, so I took a corpse's helmet and bracers. They stink to Oblivion, but then again, so do I. Maybe they will leave me alone.

didnt [sic] think so. I'm surprised how sturdy this shield is. Strange colors, too. Light hits it in a funny way. Haven't used the crossbow in a while. Haven't had any "messages" in a while.

A tree? there's a tree down here? It's tall. It

It goes out. I don't care where it goes, I'm getting out. I ca'n't [sic] carry the crossbow anymore. No bolts. Don't need the axe or shield. I'll keep the sword and armor.

If you find this, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you can find out what my ramblings and "messages" meant. All I know is I am getting out of here and I intend to survive. I'm never going into another tomb again.

well... shall we play?

Location Edit

The book is found near the Hero's Crossbow in Morwitijaal Catacombs.

Notes and Lore Edit

The book mentions the Hero's Crossbow and Skyloft Iron Shield found nearby. Given that the Madman is not mentioned, it is possible that he entered Morwitijaal after Ignacia had left, or that their paths simply did not cross.

The book also explains the axe found near a dead Skulltula found in Morwitijaal Catacombs.

Background and Inspiration Edit

See Vol. 1 for more information.

The book mentions a Gold Skulltula holding something in its mouth. This alludes to Relics of Hyrule lore that Gold Skulltula Tokens are real skulls that have had their color and/or size changed by exposure to a Gold Skulltula's saliva.

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