are you ready?
you're the bad guy.
and when you're bad,
you just run.

I didn't write that. I swear I didn't. Is this some sort of nightmare? Or an evil warlock? Ancient Nord magic? Some ancient god's wrath? I've heard stories about people getting trapped in tombs and going mad. I refuse. I'm getting out of here. I will not join the dead in their own home.

I've managed to sneak by droves of the corpses. They burn easily and they are brittle. easy to sneak attack. I grabbed one of their swords. It's hard to attack stealthily with an axe. I'm keeping it, though. It will be helpful if I have to face one of them in a more even fight. I see open and closed coffins every once in a while. I don't want to find out what is inside. Actually, I already know.

Two became one. That's a new thought running through my head without me thinking it. What does it mean? Two became one. Mirrored. The mirrored. Two became one. The mirrored. The reflection and the first.

I want to stop listening, but they shout.

I found a crossbow! Now I don't need to get anywhere near those corpses to deal with them. I don't have many bolts, though. I need to make them count.

The corpses don't seem to have any pressure points. I've been hitting their knees to knock them down so I can escape. Arkay knows how long

that's fine, right?

Location Edit

The book is found in Morwitijaal Catacombs near a chest in a room with an armored Stalfos.

Lore Edit

Ignacia alludes to "two became one," which actually refers to the fact that during the Last Great War of Hyrule, Termina and Hyrule became linked, allowing the passage of refugees between the two kingdoms. The phrase "the mirrored and the first" refers to Termina as a reflection of Hyrule.

Background and Inspiration Edit

See Vol. 1 for more information.

The link between Termina and Hyrule and the state of Termina as Hyrule's reflection and purgatory is discussed in The Scouring of Kokiri Forest as well as A Chronicle of War Volume II.

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