Almost got killed by that boulder. Now I'm trapped. Dropped my other journal. Doesn't matter. Those bandits will find it, sure, but who cares. They ca'n't [sic] find me, just as I ca'n't get out of here...

I have food. I hear water. Maybe there's a back way...

The corpses walk! By Arkay, the corpses walk! They burn well. But one managed to hit me with its sword. I checked the wound. It's fine. I don't know much about Restoration. Maybe I can find a healing potion in here.

I don't think flames will be enough. There are too many of them. For now I'll have to hide from them. I'll grab one of their swords. That will do.

I killed one of the corpses and took its axe. I've had to hide behind walls to keep away from them while they look for me. Some of them wear wooden masks and even fewer rags than the others. I'm staying as far from them as possible. The mask wearers. Their screams. Oh, Arkay, their screams. One of them saw me and it screamed. Froze me dead in my tracks. It felt like hours before I could move again, while it walked toward me. I know it was only a few seconds. I ran. I could not face them. I'm not strong enough.

I found a huge cave, managed to sneak by more of the corpses. There was a chest with a healing potion in it. That helped. The skeletons walk too! They fall apart easily, but they are the most eerie things I have ever seen! I'm staying in this abandoned tower or whatever it is for now.

If you're finding these journals, I am sorry. I am sorry you found this place, too. I hope you're nearby. I hope you'll find me. I may die here from starvation. I certainly ca'n't eat the corpses, or survive long on mushrooms. And if the ancient Nords had food, it's rotten by now. Those bandits are living a king's life.

okay. we'll play good guys and bad guys.

Location Edit

The journal is found in Morwitijaal, in the deepest cavern, near several sarcophagi. The journal rests on the lid of one of these sarcophagi, near a lit floor sconce.

Background and Inspiration Edit

See Vol. 1 for more information.

The journal is arguably the hardest to find of the five volumes, or at least the easiest to overlook. It was originally found in the slanted tower in the same location, but was moved in an attempt to make it easier to locate.

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