Hylia's Contract is a spell granted to the player for completing the Triforce of Knowledge. It converts Rupees in the player's inventory into their respective gold values.

Hylia's Contract does not have a spell tome and can be found in the Powers section of the spell inventory. It is equipped and cast like a Voice Power or Racial Power.

Rupee Value


Green 10
Blue 50
Yellow 100
Red 200
Purple 500
Orange 1000
Silver 2000
Gold 3000
Rupoor 100*

*Rupoors will remove 100 gold from the player's inventory if they are present when this spell is used.

A limitless source of gold can be generated when the spell is used in conjunction with Hylia's Bargain.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Hylia's Contract is not a canon Zelda spell, and was included to allow the player to receive the full value of Rupees they collected, rather than the reduced value offered by shops.

Unlike the rest of Hylia's Spells, Hylia's Contract is not named for a stage of grief in the Kübler-Ross model. Instead, Hylia's Contract is an extension of the bargaining stage.

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