"Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other."

I have hidden what artifacts I can. Perhaps they will emerge again, or perhaps they are lost forever with the remains of Lorule and the people of Lorule.
It is my duty to remember my people. Too many of them fell because of my failures and faults. I loved my people, and I tried to protect them. I tried to hold onto them, but my grip was too tight, and they rebelled. Many of them went to Ganon to escape me.
I am responsible for the death of too many of my own people, and for my part, I shall not forget them.

So many heroes have appeared and have been lost, trying to save this doomed land. I will remember one most of all, because he was the one who came after everything had come to dust. After everything died.

Is it selfish of me to have kept this sword? I have no blade, nor knight of my own. This sword does not belong to Lorule.
Yet, this is where he met his end.
And this is the last thing he ever touched.

So say I, Hilda of Lorule.


The book indicates that a incarnations of Link attempted to save Lorule during the Last Great War of Hyrule, and one arrived after the kingdom had already fallen. This hero may have the incarnation present in A Link to the Past or A Link Between Worlds. There is no information on what led to the demise of these heroes. The fact that the hero who perished in Lorule after it had been destroyed is particularly mysterious. 

The book indicates that Hilda's own attempts to save her kingdom resulted in rebellion. Hilda feels responsible for her kingdom's demise. However, her sorrow may exaggerate the truth.

The book bears a crest adopted by the military of Lorule. It features a purple Lolian Triforce atop a blue crest. The crest is modeled after a diving hawk, with the Triforce as the tail. This is in contrast to Hyrule's wingcrest which features a rising bird. The Lolian crest can also be interpreted as a beetle, symbolizing Lorule's relationship with darkness and decay.

Background and InspirationEdit

The opening quote is from Zelda's dialogue in Twilight Princess.

The book was included in version 6.4 with Hilda's Tomb to expand on Hilda's character and her role in the war, as well as to explain the presence of the Fighter's Sword in Hilda's Tomb .

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