The Hero's Laments are a series of lore books found in the Ruptured Towers. They provide information regarding the events of the Last Great War of Hyrule, the fate, thoughts, and whereabouts of the Hero of Time during the war, and the nature of the Ruptured Towers.

Book Location Topic
The Scouring of Kokiri Forest Doubt The fate of the Hero and the Kokiri.
The Eruption of Death Mountain Fear The accidental release of a beast from underground, and the fate of Kakariko Village and the Gorons.
Acid Lakes Anguish The fate of the Zoras, and the Hero's feelings regarding Princess Ruto.
Even Death May Die Loss The nature of the Staltroops and the fate of Lorule
The City in the Sky Misery The creation of Hyrule, the first breach of peace, Hylia's Folly, and the fate of Skyloft.
Fading Twilight Grief Scattered pages containing quotes reiterating the thoughts of the Hero.
Hero's Lament Ethereal Sanctuary The Hero's Shade addressing the player, explaining his grief and shame, and offering his allegiance.

Notes Edit

All of the Hero's Laments contain the word "Sundered" in their EditorIDs. This is left over from the former name of the Ruptured Towers: the Sundered Towers. The name was changed during production of version 6.0 after JKalenad remembered the ruin of the same name from Skyrim's base game.

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