The Great Fairy's Sword is a unique two-handed greatsword found in Blackreach Silent Ruin. The Dwarven Book can be found near the sword to tell the player more about its history and lore within the world of the mod.

The Great Fairy's Sword is equal in strength, weight and speed to an Elven Greatsword, and has an enchantment similar to Dawnbreaker, in that if a foe dies within 10 seconds of a hit, a blast of magic is created. Furthermore, if an enemy is killed by a critical hit from the sword, a blast of poison is released.

The Great Fairy's Sword can be improved to a stronger, lighter, and faster version. This can be done at an Ancient Enchanter or Terminan Forge

The Great Fairy's Sword is also unique in that it does not become spattered with blood when fighting: instead, it takes on a pinkish glow.

Improvement Edit

Required Items Match Conditions Alternate Conditions
Great Fairy's Sword Great Fairy's Sword in Inventory Triforce of Knowledge
Great Fairy's Tears
Gem of the Canyon
Gem of the Ocean
Gem of the Swamp
Gem of the Mountain

Background and InspirationEdit

The Great Fairy's Sword was first created by JKalenad for the Great Fairy's Sword Reimagined mod published on May 20, 2013. It was originally a Glass greatsword that had immense power and was retextured to have the same color scheme as the sword from Majora's Mask. It was later added directly into Relics of Hyrule.

In version 6.3 of the mod, the Great Fairy's Sword was given an enhanced version.

The Great Fairy's Sword was conceived as a more "realistic" interpretation of the sword from Majora's Mask, and as a two-handed alternative to the Master Sword. Given the flower theme of the sword, it was given a lingering poison enchantment and the poison blast critical effect.

The flowers that the Relics of Hyrule Great Fairy's Sword takes some inspiration from are the poisonous varieties of hellebores, including the "black hellebore."

Video Edit

Great Fairy's Sword - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Great Fairy's Sword - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide