I have been expecting you.

My power has faded and my form corrupted.

You stand in Hyrule at the end. All is cold. If you have ventured Beneath the Well, you surely encountered what is left of us. Ganon's minions wander Hyrule without purpose, for Ganon himself is dead. There are monsters, too, whose kin will live to see your world.

I am the last Great Fairy. I will fade in time, but my purpose has not yet been spent. In my offering box, you will find the Lens of Truth. It is a powerful relic. Focus it at one of our enchanters with a Tarnished Shard and bring it to the forgotten map in the ruined city of Itnamzand, on north-west coast of Solstheim. It will help you find sets of eight shards, which you can bring to the statues in the chapel above my fountain. The Pieces they belong to can be brought to the shrine in the Ruptured Towers to return to their true glory. I give you a vial of my tears, and a tome to allow you to summon me. I will appear and assist you in battle.

I cannot ask you to save Hyrule: it is beyond saving. The kingdom will be dust, but the land is not lost. There are elves who have built cities in the mountains. Their kingdoms will flourish, and when the Darkness passes, the land that was Hyrule will be home to many lives to come. I have sent my fairies through the Link Between Worlds, to your Skyrim, so that they might guide you to the pieces of this time. They are hiding, but will emerge when the time is right.

Notes Edit

The Great Fairy's resemblance to Wispmothers is explained in her plea, implying that she was cursed or that her fading magic resulted in her corrupted form.

The Great Fairy also explains the presence of fairies and monsters from Hyrule in Skyrim, as well as how to use the Lens of Truth. She also indicates that the early Dwemer coexisted with the tribes of Hyrule, and were present during the Last Great War of Hyrule.

The plea also explains that Hyrule cannot be saved.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Great Fairy's Plea was included in version 6.0 of Relics of Hyrule with the Great Fairy and her Fairy Fountain. The Great Fairy's Plea was later expanded to explain the use of the Lens of Truth. In 6.3, the plea was modified, and a sentence indicating that only the player would be able to see Hylian Fairies was removed.

The Great Fairy's Plea was added to give specific lore related to the Great Fairy and Hyrule.

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