The Great Fairy is a summonable ally. She is encountered in the Fairy Fountain below Kakariko Chapel guarding the Lens of Truth.

The spell Summon Great Fairy will summon her for two minutes.

In battle, she wields a special version of Sun Fire that harms all enemies, dealing extra damage to undead. She also knows Stendarr's Aura, Greater Ward, Grand Healing, Healing Hands, and Guardian Circle.

Lore Edit

The Great Fairy in Relics of Hyrule is the last remaining Great Fairy. As stated in the Great Fairy's Plea, she has lost much of her power and was partially corrupted by Ganon's magic.

She is responsible for scattering Fairies throughout Skyrim to assist the player.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Great Fairy was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 6.1.

She is a retextured Wispmother, with her design based on the Great Fairy of Twilight Princess with elements of the Great Fairies of Wind Waker.

The Great Fairy was included to enrich the lore of the mod, and to provide context for the Lens of Truth.

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The Great Fairy in battle