Gold Dust is an ingredient used to create both the Gilded Sword and the Golden Sword.

Gold Dust is found in Kinolangdanzel, Itnamzand, the Reach Secret Grotto, Kakariko Barracks, and Crisis, and can also be found in Falmer or Dwemer loot, or as a rare Alchemy ingredient. It may be sold by Roxanne and Ferran, as well as apothecaries, or held by Bokoblins.

Locations Edit

Location Number of Samples
Kinolangdanzel 2
Kinolangdanzel Depths 3
Itnamzand Deep 1 with other ingredients and crafting supplies

before room containing final boss

Reach Secret Grotto 1 on Alchemy Lab
Beneath the Well 1
Crisis 1 held by final boss
Dwarven ruins Very low chance to appear with rare ore loot
Falmer Hives Very low chance to appear with rare ore loot
Bokoblins Low chance to appear in loot after death
Roxanne's shop Low chance of one sample available

Very low chance of two samples available

Ferran's shop Very low chance of availability

Lore Edit

Gold Dust was used by Terminan smiths to fortify weapons. The process for making Gold Dust was known only by the Gorons of Snowhead. Some samples of Gold Dust entered Hyrule during the Last Great War.

The Dwemer learned how to use Gold Dust in alchemy. It is unknown if they discovered the means of producing it, however, or if the process was lost.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Gold Dust was originally included in a standalone mod for the Kokiri, Razor, and Gilded Swords to serve as a crafting ingredient for the Gilded Sword. It was integrated into Relics of Hyrule with the Kokiri, Razor, and Gilded Swords. JKalenad chose to give it alchemical properties to extend its use beyond the Gilded Sword.

Gold Dust uses the same model as fire salts, with a modified texture.

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