mama said we cant go to the cassel. nobody goes to the cassel, she said.

a man came to the house today. Now he lives with us. he said he usd to live in the cassel town. but when the bad men came he and his famly left. he said they lived in lon lon ranch with the nice lady there. but the bad men came looking for horses, so he and the lady escaped. he doesnt know where the lady went. I hope shes okay.

Notes Edit

The grammar and spelling in this journal are intentionally poor and simplistic, as it was written by a child.

This journal has the first and only mention of Lon Lon Ranch present in the mod.

Lore Edit

The journal alludes to Hyrule Castle Town and Lon Lon Ranch, as well as Malon. The implication is made that the Dark Army attacked Lon Lon Ranch to steal horses, but Malon escaped. It is also established that Hyrule Castle (and by extension Hyrule Castle Town) were unsafe, or at least the journey to the castle was unsafe.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The first journal, or "child's journal" was included in version 3.0 of Relics of Hyrule, with Kinolangdanzel and the Freezing Caves. It was included to enrich the atmosphere and lore of the mod by portraying some events through the eyes of a child.

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