Fire Arrows are a special type of enchanted arrows that deal as much damage as Ebony arrows. They also knock down foes and burn them for 20 seconds. Fire arrows can be either crafted at Ancient Enchanters or found in Fire Shrines scattered throughout Skyrim and Solstheim.


Required Items (Consumed) 1 Filled Greater Soul Gem 10 Glass Arrows
Match Conditions (Kept) Din's Fire Enchanting lvl. 70
Alternate Conditions Din's Fireball Smithing lvl. 60

Note: Either Din's Fire or Din's Fireball can be used, and either Enchanting or Smithing can be used.

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Background and InspirationEdit

The Fire Arrows were first created for JKalenad's Fire, Ice, and Light Arrows mod published on June 28, 2013. They were originally retextured glass arrows with a red enchanted glow. The arrows were later added into Relics of Hyrule.