The Fierce Deity's Mask is a unique mask that fortifies the wearer's armor rating by 20 points.

The mask is part of the Fierce Deity's Equipment. It can be used to enhance the Fierce Deity's Sword and to craft the Fierce Deity's Circlet and Majora's Mask Unbound. The latter is possible only if the other pieces of the Fierce Deity's Equipment are worn with it.

If the mask is worn while wielding the Fierce Deity's Sword, the sword will absorb health, magicka, and stamina from foes. If the sword has not been enhanced, it will absorb 20 points of each attribute. If it has been enhanced, the sword will absorb 30 points of each attribute.

Location Edit

The Fierce Deity's Mask is found in Alftand Animonculory, in a room filled with pipes and other heavy metal objects on shelves. A flamethrower trap is present as well. The mask is in a small Snow Elf chest.


A route to Alftand from Winterhold

Lore Edit

When a path between Termina and Hyrule was opened during the Last Great War of Hyrule, Terminan mages took the Fierce Deity's Mask with them into Hyrule, and it was separated from its associated sword and suit of armor so the pieces could be used in battle as well as to prevent the Mask from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Fierce Deity's Mask was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 6.0 with the rest of the Fierce Deity's Equipment.

The mask uses the male mask model from Tribunal Robes and Masks by Zairaam and Natterforme. It was retextured with the familiar markings of the Fierce Deity's Mask, and the design was otherwise left as it was. This was done to "keep its design and spirit intact" as requested in the user permissions for the mod.

The Fierce Deity's Mask was planned since the inclusion of the Fierce Deity's Sword, but was put on hold until a model could be found. The decision was made to release it alongside the rest of its associated equipment.

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The mask on a female character


The mask worn by a male character with a circlet

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