Din's Fire is an Expert level Destruction spell added by Relics of Hyrule. It causes a large, fiery explosion to appear at the player's feet. The sudden blast of heat both knocks back foes and burns them at the same time. Din's Fire can also be used to awaken the Master Sword. The only way to learn the spell is to craft and read Din's Fire spell tome, which requires that the player obtains Din's Ruby. Din's Fire can later be used to craft Din's Fireball.


Effect Name Magnitude Area Duration
Fire Storm 100: Health 70 100 4
Fire Strom 65: Health 35 65 0
Fire Storm 25: Health 25 25 0
"It Burns" Hysteria 99 100 7
Knockdown Effect 25 65 0

Spell TomeEdit

 Spell Tome: Din's Fire teaches the spell Din's Fire. It can be crafted at an Ancient Enchanter.


Required Items (Consumed): 1 Ruined Book 1 Filled Grand Soul Gem Din's Ruby
Match Conditions (Kept): ---- ---- ----

Background and Inspiration Edit

Din's Fire was originally included in the standalone Golden Goddess Spells mod before being integrated into Relics of Hyrule.

The spell is closely based on its function in Ocarina of Time, with a knockdown effect inspired by Zelda's use of the spell in the Super Smash Bros. game series.

Video Edit

Golden Goddess Spells - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Golden Goddess Spells - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide