The Deku Shield is a small, very lightweight shield. It is stronger than a Hide Shield by two points of armor rating and weighs less by two units.

The shield can be found in several places.

  • Embershard Mine, near a chest behind a waterfall
  • Eldergleam Sanctuary, at the top of the cavern, on the Eldergleam's roots.
  • Shrouded Grove, near the dead tree and Kokiri Sword.
  • Ancestor Glade
  • Solstheim, in a hollow tree east of Raven Rock
  • Ellary carries a Deku Shield as part of her default equipment, and the shield is sometimes carried by a Lost Hylian Soldier in The Ruptured Towers - Misery.

Lore Edit

The Deku Shields were carved by the Kokiri from the remains of the Great Deku Tree. The Kokiri used the shields during the Last Great War of Hyrule to defend Kokiri Forest.

Some Hylian soldiers carried the shields to show support to the Kokiri, who could not leave their forest home.

After the war, the shields carried by Hylian soldiers were scattered, with some being discovered by residents of Skyrim, and passed down as family heirlooms.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Deku Shield was donated by an anonymous source, with some modifications by DMagnus.

It was added to serve as a starting shield, especially if a player was attempting to play Skyrim using only items from Relics of Hyrule.

The texture was made by JKalenad using photographs of wood, and Adobe Photoshop. JKalenad decided to make the Kokiri symbol appear painted on the shield's surface, to make the shield look very old, and to fit Skyrim's environment.

The origin of the Deku Shield as being carved from the remains of the Great Deku Tree is in reference to the Ocarina of Time Manga, and to the Ocarina of Time Player's Guide.

Video Edit

Relics of Hyrule Video Guide - Deku Shield

Relics of Hyrule Video Guide - Deku Shield