Deep Dark Essence is a special gem crafted from Dark Essence. It is used in Deep Corruption of the Master Sword.

It can be crafted from Dark Essence, Daedra Hearts and Black Soul Gems.

Deep Dark Essence may also appear in the Dark Chest of Wonders.

Crafting Edit

Required Items


Black Soul Gem 3 Daedra Heart 1 Dark Essence

Match Conditions


Skull of Corruption -- --
Alternate Conditions Ebony Mail -- --

Alternate Conditions

Ebony Blade -- --
Alternate Conditions Mehrunes' Razor -- --
Alternate Conditions Mace of Molag Bal -- --
Alternate Conditions Deep Corrupt Master Sword -- --
Alternate Conditions Trident of Power -- --
Alternate Conditions Triforce of Knowledge -- --

Lore Edit

Deep Dark Essence is an example of ancient Lolian magic, and can be considered to be crystallized darkness, or as fragments of the Dark World. Command Daedra is used because Lolian magic is ancient and forgotten to the citizens of Tamriel. The Dragonborn has to improvise and use tools at his or her disposal to amplify Dark Essence.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Deep Dark Essence was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 4.1 with the Deep Corrupt Master Sword. Both were included as darker, evil equivalents to Potent Light Essence and the True Master Sword.

Deep Dark Essence has a single, straightforward recipe as commentary that an evil path is often easier than a good one.

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