All life is to fear life. Every darkness is, at its root, linked to fear. Jealousy is fear that love will be taken from you. Envy is fear that you will never have what another does. Greed is fear you will never own what you desire. Name me something terrible, and I will name you the fear. Fear is a tool. It can be manipulated and orchestrated. Terror is a symphony, and Lord Ganon is its greatest composer.

Notes Edit

It is unclear when the book was written. It may have been written during the Last Great War of Hyrule by Ganon's followers, or it may have been written later by those still devoted to him.

Location Edit

The book is found in False God Passage, an area of the Rift Secret Grotto only accessible using the Song of Time. It is found near a chest contianing the Sword of the Sages.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The phrase "All life is to fear life" comes from the Nightwish song "Planet Hell."

Cult Study Vol. 1 was included as a prelude to lore that will be a part of version 6.5 of Relics of Hyrule. Its pairing with the Sword of the Sages is part of this prelude.

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