The Burial Mask is a wearable mask that offers very low light armor protection.

The mask cannot be tempered, it can be worn with hoods, circlets, and helmets, providing a small boost to a character's armor rating.

The mask is worn by Redeads and the Madman of Morwitijaal. Burial Masks can be found separate from Redeads in Kinolangdanzel, Morwitijaal, the House of the Dead connected to the Freezing Caves, and in Forelhost Refectory. The Dark Chest of Wonders has a chance of containing a Burial Mask.

Lore Edit

The Burial Mask was used in Hylian burial rituals during (and perhaps prior to) the Last Great War of Hyrule. The use of Burial Masks was especially common in Kakariko Village. Bodies were buried wearing the mask to protect their souls as they traveled to the afterlife. The mark of the Shadow Medallion was painted onto the forehead of the mask to serve as a third eye, to allow the soul bearing the mask to see in the shadows.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Burial Mask is a retextured Wooden Mask.

Burial Masks were included in Relics of Hyrule 3.0 with Kinolangdanzel and the Redeads. The functionality of the masks was limited, as they could not be looted. Version 4.4 successfully fixed the masks, allowing the player to wear them.

The Burial Mask was also included in JKalenad's standalone Redead mod.

The Burial Mask is based on the Spooky Mask from Ocarina of Time. The name of the mask was altered from "spooky" to make the mask's presence more serious. The name was inspired by the idea that the Spooky Mask was used in burials, as indicated by dialogue with Dampé and the Lakeside Laboratory scientist from Ocarina of Time.

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