Bombs are scroll-type weapons that can be thrown and explode dealing various amounts of damage, depending on the bomb type. They come in four varieties, each with their own look and damage output.

They can either be found on Bokoblins, or can be crafted at a Terminan Forge.

They can be created in sets of 10, when the player uses 5 of each ingredient listed.

Hylian Bomb Edit

Hylian Bombs are the strongest variety of bombs the player can use. They have a strong knockback and have a fuse time of 4 seconds.

They can be crafted with the use of Grenade Shells, which require an iron ingot and a corundum ingot to craft, and 2 Bomb Flower Seeds.

Hylian Impact Bomb Edit

Hylian Impact Bombs are the weakest variety of bombs, having no knockback and explode upon being thrown and hitting anything.

They can be crafted with the use of a Grenade Shell, Fire Salts, and Bomb Flower Seeds.

Hylian Proximity Bomb Edit

Hylian Proximity Bombs are more balanced of the variety of bombs. They explode when enemies come too close to where they are thrown, and deal moderate knockback.

They can be crafted with the use of Grenade Shells, Void Salts, and Bomb Flower Seeds.

Bomb Flower Edit

Bomb Flowers are stronger than the Impact Bombs, but are still weak compared to the Proximity and standard Bombs. They can be also be found in the Eastmarch Secret Grotto.

Like the standard Hylian Bombs, they have a 4 second fuse time. They can also be refined into Bomb Flower Seeds to make the three other variety of bombs as mentioned above.
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