The Aubade is a unique one-handed sword that is equal in strength of a Daedric Sword, and weighing as much as a Steel Sword. It is one of the Sage Weapons.

It can be tempered with a Silver Ingot.

Classified as a Silver weapon, it is effective against undead and has a good critical hit, as well as an enchantment that will cast Turn Undead.

Location Edit

The Aubade is located inside Grief of the Ruptured Towers behind a gate, that requires Hilda's Key to unlock, in the central room with the tiered crystal pedestal. It rests alongside Rauru's Prayer, a filled Grand Soul Gem, a Turn Greater Undead scroll, and a Silver Rupee.

Lore Edit

Aubade was wielded by Rauru during the Last Great War of Hyrule. Its significance in the lore is unknown.

Its presence in Grief, a remnant of the Temple of Light implies that Rauru visited the temple during the war. The other items nearby imply that leaving the sword was one of Rauru's final actions.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Aubade was added in version 6.4 as one of the first Sage Weapons. It was originally a Lolian Hookblade, but was redesigned to use a model from LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons mod. This change was intended to make the sword fit Rauru more effectively. JKalenad interprets Rauru as a traditionalist, and decided on a traditional western sword design for Aubade.

The word aubade means "a poem or piece of music appropriate to the dawn or early morning." The name was chosen to reflect the sword's association with light.

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