Armos are statues found in various locations that, when interacted with or struck with a pickaxe, may give the player Armos Stone. This stone can be used to make Armos Weapons.

Armos can be found in The Falkreath Secret Grotto, Rift Secret Grotto, Itnamzand, and the Ruptured Towers, but are most plentiful in the Shattered Lands.

The Armos of Relics of Hyrule are not aggressive and will never attack.

Lore Edit

The Armos of Relics of Hyrule are based on the inactive statues from A Link to the Past moreso than any other appearance. The passive nature of the Armos in the mod is not explained within the mod, but a few possible explanations exist. One possibility is that the aggressive Armos were destroyed during the Last Great War of Hyrule. Another possibility is that the aggressive Armos were more sensitive to Ganon's magic than other creatures, and when Ganon left the world, the Armos stopped functioning as enemies and returned to inanimate statues.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The models for the Armos were made by Malo (Kalten1979) for the mod Ruch nach Folkwang, and were released as modder's resources by Tamira. The statues were retextured by JKalenad for Relics of Hyrule to fit the coloring of the Armos Weapons.

Armos were added to Relics of Hyrule in version 5.4 with Armos Stone and Armos Weapons.

Armos were included to provide a source for Armos Stone, allowing Armos Weapons to be fully craftable within the mod. Their presence also establishes atmosphere for the areas they are located.