Scholar's Log, 8th of Frostfall

Solstheim, Northeastern shore

Upon exiting the siphon, we were ambushed by skeletons made of ice and creatures that looked like Ash Hoppers, but  with only a single, large eye in the center of their heads. We are all shaken, and have decided to rest now that we have entered the ruin proper. We can hear noises from the  next room, so Turol has volunteered to stand guard.

We managed to brave the first level of the ruin, coming to a large spiral staircase with ring-like lamps embedded  in the central column. Sudene is surprised we are all still alive. We will rest, and descend the staircase soon.

We had to run. Pandora is dead. The dwarves were wise in their designs; barely anything can damage a centurion.  Turol is gravely injured and is losing blood. Zulema knows little about restoration, and we are doing our best to  keep Turol alive. His brute force managed to disable some of the automata. As we approach another door, the ruin  shakes. Something is wrong, but Sudene insists we press on.

Notes Edit

As in previous volumes, Arefal mistakenly places Itnamzand on the Northeastern shore of Solstheim.

Arefal mentions Tektites and Chilfos.

Arefal's tone in Volume 3 is more serious, as the ruin has presented challenges that may not be overcome. Instead of embellishing, Arefal is chronicling facts and events.

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