Archaean horizon: the first sunrise on a pristine Gaea. Opus Perfectum. Somewhere there, us sleeping.

You have the world, it's all for you. I wish you'd find the lost in you. Grateful for the pain: it proves we're alive. Can you feel it? Fear is a choice you embrace.

The music of this awe, deep silence between the notes, deafens me with endless love. The very core of life: the soaring high of truth and light. Tales from the seas, cathedral of green.

The meadows of heaven await harvest. Come, taste the wine, race the blind: they will guide you from the light, writing noughts till the end of time. Come, surf the clouds, race the dark: it feeds from the runs undone. Meet me where the cliff greets the sea. Deep into the past, follow the aeon path.

We were here, where we have lived since the world began, since time itself gave us this land.
We were here.
Roaming on the endless prairie, writing an endless story.
We were here.
Grieving the saddened faces, conquering the darkest places.
Time to rest now and to finish the show, and become the music: one with alpenglow.
You are my path, my home, my star. A beautiful tale within the tale.
And when the dust needs to move on, I will tuck us in on a bed of snow.
Painting white, silencing the valley we built. Together we'll sleep, devoured by life.

Man, he took his time in the sun; had a dream to understand a single grain of sand. He gave birth to poetry, but one day will cease to be -- greet the last light of the library.

We were here.
We were here.
We were here!
We were here!

Background and Inspiration Edit

Archaean Horizon was added to provide added mystery to Kinolangdanzel Shrine, and the presence of the Ocarina of Time there.

The book is entirely composed of quotes from songs by the symphonic metal band Nightwish, compiled into a loose, partially disjointed narrative concerning the timeline of Hyrule.

Specifically, the lyrics included come from "The Greatest Show on Earth," "Yours Is An Empty Hope," "Weak Fantasy," "Shudder Before the Beautiful," "Élan," "Endless Forms Most Beautiful," "Creek Mary's Blood," and "Alpenglow," before returning to "The Greatest Show on Earth" as a source.

The inclusion of the book was inspired by the themes and lyrics of Nightwish's 2015 album Endless Forms Most Beautiful, evidenced by the prominence of lyrics from that album. "Creek Mary's Blood" has similar themes and comes from Once, Nightwish's 2004 album.

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