A Chronicle of War Volume Four

If you cannot defeat evil, you must inevitably join it.

When Hyrule's darkest hour was approaching, some of us pleaded to the gods. Din, Nayru and Farore did not answer. Hylia did not answer.

We were forced to pray to other gods. The Gorons and Zoras refused to follow us. Terminan refugees, knowing much of the dangers of dark gods, warned us that it was not safe, that it was better to wait for the dawn than plead to the night.

We should have listened. We prayed to other gods, and sadly, one of them answered.
"Children of Hyrule, do you wish to survive this conflict that threatens to burn your world? I can offer you protection, in exchange for your service."

We pleaded with this new god to save us, to help us win the war.

"Don't you see? All of you...your gods destroyed you! This war is over, but you can survive it. I can bring you to a safe harbour. I can help you escape the flames of war, but know this: it will be very, very cold."

We have lived for millennia, serving Molag Bal. We are his toys, for we are the last remaining Hylians and Gerudo left in this world. We are novelties. Those of us who turned to the Aedra, Daedra and other gods, hoping to lift our curse have been punished and turned to dust for our trouble. Some of us have traveled to the planes of Oblivion, seeking life over undeath. All our efforts to return to the life we once knew were in vain. Some of us seek the dust, wracked by guilt for surviving the end of the world.

Some of us have forgotten Hyrule, and only know the iron fist of Molag Bal. Some of us despise what we have become, and have devoted ourselves to use our curse to fight back.

Hyrule is dead, and we remain, wandering a blood-soaked sea.

Background and Inspiration Edit

A Chronicle of War Volume IV serves as an epilogue to the other chronicles and explains the origins of the Hylian and Gerudo Vampires, as well as the reason that Latimer, Yolanda, and Alnesaan willingly join the player as followers.

The book contains an example of the Daedra taking interest in Hyrule and its citizens during the kingdom's final days.

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