A Chronicle of War Volume Three

Most of the kingdom is convinced that the hero will not come. Princess Zelda does little else but wander the halls, praying to the Goddesses. I have grown weary. The war has come to Hyrule, and we wait for the end.

Zelda has asked the king to hide the blessed weapons and equipment of the kingdom: the Megaton Hammer, the Silver Gauntlets, the sword of the Kokiri. The dark army must not obtain them. The Hammer was given to the Oocca to protect. I fear for their safety. The dark army is by no means restrained to the ground. The Kokiri Sword was returned to the Kokiri and hidden in the Lost Woods. Of other artifacts I have no information.

The dark army has taken Kakariko Village and Gerudo Valley. The Gorons in Death Mountain are all but slain. Perhaps some are still hidden, but our scouts know nothing but fear now. They tell us that the leader wears armor of many colors. The King has accepted that the Hero will not come. The Triforce itself will shattered. How he will do this I do not know.

The Goron smiths have devised improved armors for our scouts. They offer more physical protection and more potent enchantments. I have seen a set and was in awe. The armors are made of volcanic glass and have an otherworldly shine.

We have taken refuge in the castle dungeons. All is lost. The king and Zelda are missing, and we fear the worst. These are the final hours of Hyrule. Our civilization ends in darkness, cold and terror. Our age is one that shall be lost to time.

Reader, whoever you may be, whenever you find this book, know that this was once the land where the power of the gods was said to slumber. This was once the kingdom of Hyrule. But that blessed kingdom has been transformed by the king that rules the twilight. It has been turned into a world of shadows, ruled by creatures who shun the light.

Background and Inspiration Edit

A Chronicle of War Volume III was created for Relics of Hyrule and was not included in a standalone mod. The book serves as a conclusion to the narrative of the first two volumes, discussing the end of the Last Great War of Hyrule. The book explains the origin of the Goron Glass Armor as well as the fate of the Silver Gauntlets, Megaton Hammer, and Kokiri Sword at the end of the war.

The book quotes Twilight Princess and alludes to a plan to shatter the Triforce. This is further explored in the lore books Zelda's Epitaph and Wisdom, Power, and Emotion.

The book mentions "armor of many colors," which is not mentioned in any other lore.

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