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• 2/7/2019

Should we have a Discord server set up for a nice hub for players to talk with each other?

I feel like a Wiki is a great thing to have for the mod as it's HUGE. As you so put it, it's a "DLC sized mod" and requires a lot of work on the wiki. I do think that having a Discord server set up for this would be a nice idea and let people discuss things and get more of a community growing.

What are your thoughts and ideas on the matter? Honestly, worst case scenario, it goes nowhere and the server hasn't done any negative impact on the mod in any way.

Edit: This also doubles as a source of quick information for players that may not be on the Wiki. When this information is presented, people who help manage the Wiki can help build it that much more.

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• 6/10/2018

Double sword rewards?

I just finished running Morwitijaal and nabbed the FD Sword, but when I went to look I had 2 of them. I remember looking in my inventory a bit after Itnamzand and had two Noble Swords as well. I thought the Noble Sword was a fluke and that something else had one for some reason.
I don't think I have two versions of RoH running, as I only have one ESP on. Not sure what's up as I've never run through these until today nor have I reinstalled the mod to make duplicates as far as I know.
I'll keep an eye out on other duplicate things, but so far it's only been these two. I hadn't gotten a duplicate Ocarina of Time because I had this installed since 5.0 core and got the Ocarina then.
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• 6/8/2018

Setting up a hub for pages that need lore/history and inspiration, or new pages

Last updated: 6/16/2018
I've made a few pages and I don't want the recent activity to drown out all the things I've done because I get chatty when I get tired. So I'm setting up a forum topic on the new pages I've made, this way when lore and/or background is to be added, they can be accessed.
I've also added in all the other Ruptured Tower redirect pages. I was surprised to see Fear was done but nothing else. Took me about 10 minutes to learn how to make a PROPER, WORKING redirect, then about 5 to make the rest, barring a hiccuup here or there. Also made one for the Stals so it redirects to Stal instead because silly plurals. I'm slowly learning how to make a wiki guys!
I'm going to make myself a to-do list so that I can look it over and remember what needs to be done. I've forgotten a lot of things many times (I've fast traveled to my house and back legitimately 8 times to make the Twilight Key), but this way I at least have something to help.
New pages:

Unfinished or needs improvement:

Kakariko Fairy Fountain (Needs image and a little more detail. Image should include Great Fairy and maybe the trapdoor entrance) Deemed complete by Kara (Me) on 6/16. Removed incomplete template as there's no more detail to add outside of lore and whatnot.
Beneath the Well (Needs image and specific details on dungeon layout) Deemed complete by Kara (Me) on 6/16.
Midna's Tomb (Needs image, and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE. I haven't been here yet, but it's almost in my grasp)
Kara's To-Do:

Enchanted Rings page. This is going to be a LOT of work, and may come in chunks rather than a whole page at once. I saw the Red and Blue ring redirect and the Ring category that JK is following. I'll work on that as a side as well.
Play through Ruptured and update Midna's Tomb
(NEW 6/13/18) Investigate the Sand of Hours. Something doesn't feel right here. Turns out I was wrong. Updated wording on upgrading though.
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• 6/6/2018

Creating pages that have no information

I'd like to help build the wiki a little as I play through the mod, and I know that JKalenad is the one with all the info, but he's busy making the mod itself. This is a lot of work to build a wiki on a mod of such a large size, but I also don't want to step on any toes, nor am I super great at making wiki pages from scratch.
I'm terribly bad at getting images for the pages as I can't take good shots (especially of people) and I don't know if there's any resource I can pull that just has an image of whatever it is I need (like a page from a journal). If I can get the OK to 1) Assist in the building of the wiki and 2) Figure out how to properly set up a page, including image retrieval, then I'm happy to chip in where I can.
I've personally wanted to add a couple of pages just from my findings and do a little more than detail edits on existing pages. Heck, I could probably just makes some scrappy start pages for things with no pages, and we can refine from there?
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• 10/1/2017

Stylized Crafting Tables & Infoboxes

I've been toying with the crafting tables for a while now. I decided that it might be intresting to stylize the tables a bit. I've had them match up with the infoboxes. Here's what I've come up with:
Awakened Master Sword Recipe

Sleeping Master Sword
Smithing Lvl. 65
Filled Grand Soul Gem (3)
Din's Ruby or
Din's Fire

Ancestor Moth Wings (3)
Farore's Emerald or
Farore's Wind

Nayru's Sapphire or
Nayru's Love

Razor Sword Recipe

Kokiri Sword
Smithing Lvl. 40
Leather Strips (1)
Dwarven Metal Ingot (1)
Steel Ingots (2)
(I apologize for the imgur links, I don't think Wikia allows embeded external images)
And here's what the tables would look like on an actual page:
I've also been playing with the infoboxes. At the moment, they're a bit long and and can be a bit overwhelming. I've built simplified versions with basic HTML & CSS that still contain all of the stats (and should still be able to be converted to the wikia markup). I haven't ported them to the wikia markup yet, though.
Here's the full infobox displayed with a stock image:
And here's an alternate version without some of the stats (that could easily be put into the article):
So, what is your opinion on these stylized elements?
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• 9/23/2017

A page/section for showing new players how to progress without extensive wiki-diving?

I've been trying out this mod and I got a suggestion that I guess is partly also a critique on the structure of the mod. Skip to underneath if you don't care hearing a first time players misgivings. It really feels like it's way too hard to figure out where the actual content like locations and such are, especially if someone is trying to activily find the content of the mod and isn't just running all over Skyrim. The notes I got didn't really seem all that useful either in actually letting you know where to go exactly. Maybe it's just me but if a note tells me something is northwest of where I found it, I don't really expect the thing I am looking for to essentially be somewhere in a 45 degree cone northwest that can stretch over the entire map. When I looked up where to go I did see it was northwest of the note, but at such a distance that I probably would have only found it by accident.
Anyway, the actual point I want to make is that it might be useful for people new to this mod to have a section in the wiki that basically explains how to progress in the mod. It is clear that there is meant to be some progression as the notes and such you find give you hints as to where to go (and as such are presumably the starting off point) and how the grottos basically have stones of "come back once you found the mcguffin". Having a general rundown of where you should head to at which step, or recommendations on which locations you can or should visit based on what you got could probably help a lot for people like me who wanna see what this mod has to offer, but also don't want to have to essentially go on a big wiki-diving spree to read through which location has what item hidden behind what roadblock that you need which item from that dungeon that I am not sure how you were meant to know about.
It wouldn't have to be an in-depth guide or walkthrough, a short explanation of which areas are recommended to be done first, which you should do after you got a certain item, etc. would be more than enough to let people know how to actually find the stuff in this mod without looking through several wiki pages explaining every single detail.
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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 8/20/2017

Item List and Index Page Formatting

I've been going through and adding all (and I mean all) of the items in Relics of Hyrule to the Item List and Index page. I'm doing this in a seperate document that automatically backs up, so that Wikia doesn't corrupt my work right when I'm about to hit publish again. Grr.
Anyway, I've been alphabetizing the items based on their main category (weapons, armor, magic, etc.). This makes the page easier to search through and find items. Is the current unalphabetized format based on anything, like mod versions? If so, I would recommend making a version index.
Also, should the item list be further categorized for ease of use, or kept as a big ol' list of items?
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• 11/12/2016

Re-Formatting of Master Sword Page

The Master Sword page seemed to be a bit jumbled. Although I do recognize that it is a guide for other pages on the wiki, it didn't necessarily feel user-friendly. I've re-formatted the page so that the item's crafting recipe resides inside of the item's main heading, with the exception of purification. While I did understand the previous format, in which the next step of awakening was below the item's heading, it was a tad bit hard to follow.
What is your opinion on the re-formatting, positive or negative, and how could it improve? Should the page be reverted its previous state?
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• 10/30/2016

Proposition: Renaming "Kinolangdanzel Tower" Page

For ease of access, I would recommend to rename the "Kinolandanzel Tower" page to simply "Kinolandanzel." While the actual entrance location is called "Kinolandanzel Tower," the dungeon itself is referred to "Kinolangdanzel." Please consider.
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• 12/4/2015

Not installing correctly.

Really love the idea of this mod. How it doesn't affect the lore but still has the items, it is awesome. I really wanted to get this mod, really badly, but it still pops up with the items being invisible. I have SKSE and I followed the instruction video on Nexus, but it won't work. I tried it with MO, then without, and it won't work. Any help?
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• 11/22/2015

Small Quest Idea

Have you ever thought of making another mod after RoH is complete?
It could be about rebuilding Hyrule, but this time, you're the King.
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• 11/10/2015

Map Icons

Should the map include an icon for every single item, even when in a dungeon/other building? The map icons would overlap, but users could use the filter to focus on different items. It seems odd that some of the item icons are present on the map but other items found in the same location are in the icon's description, e.g. the Kokiri Sword icon with the Deku Shield and Saria's Song in its description. If a user is looking for a shield with the filter, the Deku Shield will be filtered out because it doesn't have its own icon. This also applies to items in dungeons; finding all Triforce pieces would be quite the bother, as it wouldn't be caught in the filter if they didn't have their own icons.
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• 9/30/2015

Requested Features

What sort of features would you like to see on the Relics of Hyrule Wikia? I have dungeon walkthroughs planned.
If a feature seems reasonable and/or enough people want to see it, I'll add it to the Planned Features page, and see about getting it accomplished.
You can also request pages on specific items, and I'll try to make their priority higher.
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• 8/22/2015

The Legend of Zelda Timeline/Lore

Does Relics of Hyrule follow the Official Zelda Timeline? From the lore I uncovered, the events of Majora's Mask definitely happened, but the Lokomo Sword is still craftable with the Orichalcum Cog, what appears to be a Symbol of the Spirits. This would indicate that someone would have had to taken the Orichalcum Cog to Skyrim. Or... that what would have been "New Hyrule" in another timeline is actually Skyrim (The Snow Realm), Vvardenfell (The Fire Realm), Cyrodiil (The Forest Realm), and the river-like ocean south of Vivec City (The Ocean Realm). Notice the geological similarities in this image (didn't want to upload it to the wiki): Sure, the distances might be a litttle off, but that could be the cause of poor map-making skills.  The northern oceans could have created the northern part of the river, slowly eroding a valley through the land, possibly initiated by a melting glacier. The ocean south of the Tower of Spirits looks like it could have drained off into the body of water around what is known as the Imperial City, and continued south until it left Tamriel. The deepest parts of the southern ocean could have stayed in place, to be joined by the advancing northen ocean. So was the Orichalcum Cog transported to Skyrim from "New Hyrule"? Or is Tamriel the "New Hyrule" that the Hero of Winds would have founded in a different timeline? Which Official Zelda Timeline does Relics of Hyrule follow, if any?
I know, it all seems very, very far-fetched, but it is an interesting brainchild. The geography seemed somewhat similar, so I took a shot at comparing the two worlds.
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• 8/21/2015

Forgotten Sword, Forgotten Longsword, Forgotten Broadsword, Honed Counterparts

Should each of the "Forgotten Swords" have their own page? Or should they all share one with redirections on the category page like the Armos weapons?
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• 8/18/2015

A Link Between Worlds, Freezing Caves, and The Shattered Lands

Hello, JKalenad. I was wondering if I could start posting end-game locations, such as the Triforce Shrine. I would expect so, because this is a wiki page, but I just want to play it safe by asking the author.
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